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Vetoryl (trilostane) Capsules, 120 mg, 30 satisfaction Gauranteed

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    Quick Overview
    • Treats adrenal- and pituitary-dependent Canine Cushing's Disease
    • Eases the clinical signs of the disease
    • Easy long-term treatment option
    • May increase your dog's energy in just several weeks
    • Manufacturer information and usage PDF


    Trilostane to treat Cushing's Disease in dogs

    While Cushing's Disease can cause a host of symptoms in your dog like hair loss, a pot-bellied appearance, weakness, increased thirst or appetite, Vetoryl 120 mg, 30 Capsules can help treat them. Cushing's Disease (hyperadrenocorticism) is caused by the excessive production of cortisol by the adrenal glands. Vetoryl can help control the gland's production, and it has fewer reported side effects than Mitotane (Lysodren).

    Vetoryl is designed to be given to your dog for life. If you discontinue use, the clinical signs of Cushing's Disease will return. This medication allows you to easily treat your dog's symptoms with a once daily pill.


    Be sure to follow your veterinarian's instruction regarding the proper doses of Vetoryl. The following table gives the starting doses, but your veterinarian will recommend adjustments based on how your dog responds to the treatment, the severity of the disease, and other factors. Tell your veterinarian about any other pet medications and supplements your dog is taking before starting them on Vetoryl Capsules.

    Weight (lbs.) Weight (kg) Dosage
    3.8-10 lbs. 1.7-4.5 kg 10 mg once daily
    10-22 lbs. 4.5-20 kg 30 mg once daily
    22-44 lbs. 10-20 kg 60 mg once daily
    44-88 lbs. 20-40 kg 120 mg once daily
    88-132 lbs. 40-60 kg 180 mg (1 x 120 mg & 1 x 60 mg) once daily

    Ten days to two weeks after starting Vetoryl, your veterinarian will perform more tests including an ACTH stimulation test. Once the tests are complete they will advise you on how to continue your canine companion's treatment.

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    When our dog was diagnosed with Cushing's disease, our vet prescribed Vetoryl. The initial prescription from the vet was quite pricey, so knowing that she was going to have to be on this medicine for the rest of her life, I went searching for a better price. After a lot of research, I settled on VetDepot. So far, it has been a wise decision. Although they weren't THE cheapest, they were among the lowest priced and the one with the best reputation. Many of the other places I checked had a lot of bad customer ratings as well as bad BBB ratings. As for the Vetoryl, it has only been about four months now, but it seems to be working really well on our girl. She is much more energetic and she is not constantly drinking water and even more importantly, she is no longer having "accidents" in the house like she was before being diagnosed. So far, we are very happy with both the medicine and with VetDepot!
    120mg Vetoryl capsule
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    Frostburg, MD
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    Having been a returning customer now for years is the best testimony to your great service. You respond quickly and resolve questions effectively. And I still remember when you let me cancel an order that did not qualify for free shipping and add it to a more comprehensive order made immediately thereafter.

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