Pet Medication Manufacturers

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Abbott Laboratories

is a global health care company whose products encompass a wide spectrum, from nutritional supplements to pharmaceutical therapies. Abbott manufactures the AlphaTRAK Blood Glucose Monitoring System which helps owners manage their pets with diabetes.


is a company that manufactures products specially designed to help pet owners manage their allergies. Allerpet has been extensively tested and proven to safely remove allergens from dogs, cats and birds. Also, their Single Solution product can help manage allergies to all types of pets.

Aloe Advantage

is a product line distributed by Rare Valley Resources, Inc that provides skin care, health, and grooming products for horses with natural aloe vera. Aloe Advantage products promote quick healing for skin conditions and abrasions and superficial wounds.

Angels Eyes

is responsible for one of the first ever products developed to remove dog and cat tear stains from the inside out. Angels’ Eyes tear stain remover eliminates unsightly tear stains that develop due to bacterial and yeast infections.
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Angels glow

manufactures the Angels' Glow line of tear stain removers for dogs and cats. Angels' Glow helps remove tear stains from the inside out by utilizing a dilution of Tylosin to fight tear stain causing infections.

Bayer Animal Health

helps promote the well-being of pets and livestock all around the globe. Bayer is the manufacturer of the Advantage, Advantage II, and K9 Advantix flea and tick control pet medications. Bayer also produces Baytril which is a broad spectrum antibiotic for pets.

Bio Pro Research

is an environmentally responsible pet supply manufacturer that makes the Urine-Off line of stain and odor removers. Urine-Off eliminates pet urine odors by removing molecules that cause the odors.

Boehringer Ingelheim

is a global pharmaceutical company that was founded in 1885. Boehringer Ingelheim focuses on innovation and researching innovative drugs in the areas of cardiovascular, respiratory, metabolic, and other diseases. Vetmedin and Metacam are two of Boehringer Ingelheim's products.
pet medication manufacturer Butler Schein pet medication manufacturer ceva animal health pet medication manufacturer dechra veterinary products pet medication dermapet

Butler Schein Animal Health

was formed in 2010 by the combination of Butler Animal Health Supply, Henry Schein, and NLS Animal Health. Butler Schein has a line of topical products like PhytoVet Antiseptic Shampoo and omega-3 fatty acid supplements like Omega Tri-V Caps.

Ceva Animal Health

is one of the fastest growing veterinary pharmaceutical companies in the world. Ceva specializes in pharmacology and biology and manufactures Senilife, Urine-Away odor eliminator, and Diarsanyl anti-diarrheal medications for dogs and horses.

Dechra Veterinary Products

is an international veterinary pharmaceutical company that specializes in endocrinology, dermatology, equine medicine, and ophthalmology. Dechra's major brands include: Vetoryl for canine Cushing's Disease, Animax dermatological medications, and Vetropolycin Opthalmic Ointment


is part of Dechra Veterinary Products and is a leading topical dermatology company with a global presence. DermaPet is a manufacturer of both medicated and natural veterinary supplies for your pet. DermaPet’s pet shampoos, dental chews, and other products for dogs and cats are manufactured with natural fragrances and recyclable containers.
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Eli Lilly and Company

is the tenth largest pharmaceutical company in the world that manufactures Reconcile (Fluoxetine) canine separation anxiety and Comfortis for Dogs flea and tick control pet medications.

Fort Dodge

is a part of Pfizer Animal Health and is a leading manufacturer of vaccines for companion animals and livestock. Some Fort Dodge products include Fel-O-Vax feline vaccines, Lymevax Lyme Disease vaccines for dogs, and Nolvasan otic and antibiotic pet medications.


is a manufacturer of pet grooming products designed to combat shedding. FURminator deshedding tools help groom pets and remove loose hair, while FURminator's line of shampoos and conditioners help stop excessive shedding at the source.

Green Dog Organics

manufactures natural, safe, effective, and green products for pets. Green Dog products like Bonies Chew Treats for dogs are high quality and environmentally friendly.
pet medication manufacturer homeopet pet medication manufacturer imrex pet medication manufacturer intervet pet medication manufacturer jorgensesn labs


manufactures a line of 100% natural, homeopathic remedies for pets. HomeoPet products like Anxiety TFLN, Digestive Upsets, and Hot Spots help treat issues that are not life-threatening but cause suffering in pets.


was founded to provide high quality dental and skin care products for pets. BreathaLyser Drinking Water Additives help maintain proper oral hygiene and ImRex Ear Cleansers clean and deodorize the ears of cats and dogs.


is a leading veterinary pharmaceutical research company that is responsible for: Panacur deworming medications, Furosemide, and Scalibor flea and tick collars for dogs.

Jorgensen Labs

has been providing high quality veterinary instruments and animal health products for over fifty years. Some of the products Jorgensen markets include: Feline Restraint Bags, Quick-Release Dog Muzzles, and Pet Pill Crushers and Splitters.
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KAS Direct

is a consumer products company that focuses on health and wellness with products like nutritional supplements and natural, non-toxic grooming products for pets. One of their biggest brands is the American Kennel Club RenewTrients line of nutritional supplements.

Kinetic Technologies

is an animal health supplement manufacturer that has distribution outlets around the world. Kinetic Technologies specializes in products that contain Hyaluronic Acid (HA) in order to promote joint health in dogs, cats, horses, and people.

Kong Veterinary Products

is the manufacturer of a wide variety of veterinary products for pets. Their products range from Saf-T Shield Elizabethan Collar to their line of Kong dog toys, including the exclusive Kong Blue toys which are 25% stronger than regular Kong toys.

Lloyd Labs

is an animal health product manufacturer that has been in business for over four decades. Lloyd Labs manufactures dog, cat, and equine pharmaceuticals and nutritional products including PrednisTabs which is used in the treatment of many diseases.
pet medication manufacturer lubrisyn pet medication manufacturer luitpold animal health pet medication manufacturer merial pet medication manufacturer meridian


markets a line of joint supplements for pets and people. LubriSyn joint supplements contain Hyaluronic Acid (HA) which helps maintain synovial fluid.

Luitpold Animal Health

is a pharmaceutical company that specializes in equine and canine health. Luitpold's products include Adequan I.A. and I.M, as well as Adequan Canine for arthritis and joint pain relief.


is a leading global, animal health company that develops a range of products for pets. The popular Frontline, Frontline Plus, and Heartgard Plus line of pet meds are manufactured by Merial.


is committed to advancing the health and happiness of companion animals. Meridian products include Bovicart joint support supplements and NurtureCalm pheromone collars for dogs and cats.
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MHC Medical Products

is dedicated to providing high quality medical products to consumers and is known for their Easy Touch brand of insulin syringes, pen needles, prep pads, and thermometers.

Millers Forge

is a supplier of premium pet grooming products including dog and cat nail clippers, nail scissors, slicker brushes, and flea combs. Millers Forge also carries the Vista brand of pet grooming products.


is a growing animal health company dedicated to serving the needs of companion animals and their owners. MiracleCorp manufactures products for dogs, cats, and horses, including: Equi-Block Topical Pain Reliever.


is a manufacturer of natural pet supplements that also includes the Pet Organics, GreenTree, and Overby Farm brands. NaturVet provides natural joint supplements, flea and tick control medications, natural digestive aids, and more.
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Neogen Corporation

is a global company that markets veterinary instruments, pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, and more. Popular Neogen products include RenaKare, Ideal needles and syringes, and AluShield Aerosol Bandages.

Nordic Naturals

manufactures a line of fish oil supplements for pets that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Nordic Naturals fish oil supplements taste great and use only natural sources for their products. Nordic Naturals is committed to delivering that most effective fish oil supplements.

Novartis Animal Health

focuses on enhancing the health and well-being of companion and farm animals. Novartis products include Atopica allergy relief medications.

Nutramax Laboratories

is a pharmaceutical company that develops and manufactures nutritional supplements and medications for pets and people. Nutramax products include the popular: Dasuquin for Dogs, Denamarin for Dogs and Cats, and Cosequin ASU for Horses.
pet medication manufacturer odor z way pet medication manufacturer pala tech pet medication manufacturer pet labs 360 pet medication manufacturer pet-ag


manufactures the Odor-Z-Way line of products which are odorless and used for stain and odor removal. Odor-Z-Way absorbs odor and stain causing impurities without releasing them back out into the air or your fabrics.

Pala Tech Laboratories

manufactures supplements for pets that are based on the principle of palatable technology. Pala-Tech's products include chewable tablets to treat hypothyroidism in dogs, fatty acid supplements, and joint health products for dogs, cats, and horses.

PetLabs 360

is an animal health company that develops and markets nutritional supplements and nutraceuticals for companion animals. PetLabs 360 specializes in overall animal wellness, bone and joint supplements, skin and coat supplements, digestive aids, and hairball prevention.


is an animal health manufacturing company known for their milk replacement powders and nutritional supplements and meal replacers for dogs and cats. Pet-Ag's popular products include: Esbiliac Puppy Milk replacer, Kitten Milk Replacer, CatSure and DogSure.
pet medication manufacturer practivet pet medication manufacturer premier pet medication manufacturer purina pet medication manufacturer schering plough


is the veterinary product manufacturer behind OcluVet Eye Drops which are formulated to help restore lens function in dogs.


is a pet product company that focuses on collars, leashes, behavioral medications, and more. Their Anti-Bark Citronella Collars and Sprays are safe for all dogs, while their Busy Buddy Bouncy Bones stimulate pets.


a division of Purina, is a pet food and pet supplement manufacturer that believes proper nutrition is essential to dog and cat health. Purina Veterinary Diets provide specialized nutrition for pets. Popular items include FortiFlora probiotics and live cultures for digestive health in dogs and cats.


is a global animal health research company that manufactures a wide variety of veterinary and pharmaceutical products. Popular veterinary products include Tri-Heart Plus heartworm preventatives for dogs and Zubrin arthritis pain relief medications.
pet medication manufacturer siemons pet medication manufacturer sogeval pet medication manufacturer terumo medical pet medication manufacturer thomas labs


manufactures a variety of diagnostic products that test for glucose, bilirubin, ketone, and more. The Siemens Multistix Reagent Strips are ready to use and require no extra laboratory equipment.

Sogeval Laboratories

is a pharmaceutical company that manufactures and markets veterinary medications and dermatology products worldwide. Sogeval products include the Douxo dermatology brand, Chondro-Flex joint supplements, and Clenz-A-Dent dental care products for dogs and cats.


has been manufacturing high quality medical devices for over eighty years. Terumo manufactures a full line of hypodermic needles, syringes, and insulin syringes including the Sur-Vet syringes.

Thomas Labs

is a manufacturer of natural and high quality pet health supplements. Popular products include STOP Coprophagia deterrent, Fish Cillin and other antibiotics for fish, Bio Case V pancreatic enzymes supplements.
pet medication manufacturer thornell pet medication manufacturer ultimed pet medication manufacturer van beek pet medication manufacturer vet-a-mix

Thornell Corp

focuses on one area: odor elimination. Thornell products permanently remove odors, not just mask them, and all their pet odor removing products are nontoxic and biodegradable.


is a state of the art medical device manufacturer with a global presence. UltiMed provides a line of diabetic products for pets including UltiGuard needles, UltiCare Insulin Syringes, and the iPet Glucose Monitoring System for dogs and cats.

Van Beek Natural Science

offers a wide variety of natural pet products and nutraceuticals. They are committed to providing natural alternatives like DiaGel Diarrhea Control Gel and EquiHeal Ointment to synthetic products.


is a division of Lloyd Laboratories and is known for their high quality supplements and medications. Supplements and pet products like Pet-Form, Thyro-Tabs, and Cani-Flex demonstrate the quality of Vet-A-Mix’s brands.
pet medication manufacturer vetericyn pet medication manufacturer vetone pet medication manufacturer vetoquinol pet medication manufacturer watson


is dedicated to providing premier animal health products, especially those in the areas of infection care and topical wound care. Popular products include Vetericyn Feline Wound & Infection Treatment Spray, Vetericyn Hot Spot Spray, and Vetericyn Canine Ear Rinse.


is a leading pet product and veterinary pharmaceutical company. VetOne is known for products like Udder Balm, GenOne Topical Spray, and their PancrePlus Powders and Tablets that help pets with pancreatic enzyme deficiencies.


has been a pioneer in the animal health industry since 1933, and they offer an extensive line of products designed to help you and your veterinarian safely care for your pets. Vétoquinol’s products focus on three specific areas: pain management, anti-infectives, and cardio-nephrology.


is a leading global pharmaceutical company that manufactures and sells generic medications. Watson is among the top five pharmaceutical companies in the US and is responsible for veterinary products like: Silver Sulfadiazine Cream and Diphenhydramine antihistamines for pets.
pet medication manufacturer wubba-world pet medication manufacturer premium nutritional products pet medication manufacturer Zoetis

Wubba World

is a dog toy manufacturer and the home of the Wubba and Water Wubba. Wubba dog toys come in a variety of different designs including ones that are designed for use in the pool.

Premium Nutritional Products

is the manufacturer of the high-quality ZuPreem line of pet food. Their products are made with the finest ingredients to keep your birds, small pets, and other exotic pets healthy and happy.


formerly known as Pfizer Animal Health, is a manufacturer of pet medications and other products dedicated to

the health and well-being of companion animals and livestock. Some of their products include antibiotics like amoxicillin and

pain relievers like Rimadyl. Zoetis's medications are aimed at extending the lives of your animals.

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