Dental Hygiene Products for Dogs and Cats

Not only can dental disease in dogs and cats cause pain and interfere with eating and activity, it can lead to more serious problems such as kidney, heart, and lung disease. Routine dental care and hygiene for pets involves daily brushing, dental chew treats and toys, and regular dental examinations by your veterinarian. A proper diet is also necessary to protect tooth health and prevent cavities, and dental chews like Greenies, CET Chews, and Clenz-A-Dent help keep your pet's teeth clean and strong between brushings. When used in conjunction with regular cleanings, VetDepot’s dog and cat dental care products can help prevent tartar and plaque buildup, bad breath, and gingivitis. VetDepot carries everything you need to care for your pet’s dental hygiene at home, including oral care pet medications, dental chews for dogs and cats, and more. Plus, we offer free shipping for qualified orders.

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