Treats for Dogs, Cats, and Horses

Pet treats are a great tool during training, make excellent rewards, and can promote bonding between you and your animal, but if you choose the wrong treats, your pet's health can suffer. High-calorie treats or those that risk dental health or contain a lot of added sugar or other ingredients are not the best choices for cats or dogs. Healthy treats for pets should be low in calorie, safe for small teeth, and made of natural ingredients.

VetDepot offers a large variety of healthy cat and dog treats from trusted brands, including treats that promote dental health, treat bad breath, or provide supplemental nutrition. Popular choices include CET Chews, Greenies, Busy Bones, Probios Treats, and Merrick Dog Treats. Plus, VetDepot offers cat and dog treats at discounted prices and ships qualifying orders directly to your front door for free!

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