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V.E.T. Pharmaceuticals Potassa-Chew, 120 Chewable Tablets
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    Potassium supplement for pets by V.E.T. Pharmaceuticals

    V.E.T. Pharmaceuticals Potassa-Chew, 120 Chewable Tablets contains Potassium Gluconate, which is used to manage hypokalemia in dogs and cats. Pets with chronic renal failure commonly experience hypokalemia (low potassium levels), but Potassa-Chew can help remedy this condition.

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    Killian prefers Potassa-Chew to other Potassium Supplements
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    <p>Killian needs to take a potassium supplement. The vet prescribed Tumil-K Gel. The more we used it, the less she liked it and we started finding it on the carpet and elsewhere. She would sometimes go into her litter box with the gel on her paws. Not only was this a mess, it was dangerous for her to lick the litter from her paws. I now just break one tablet into six kibble sized bites and put it in her food dish twice a day. The only problem we have is when she throws up. Potassa-Chew is red and is makes a real mess on the carpet. This is a great alternative.</p>
    My cat loves his Potassa-Chews!
    United States
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    Tiger needs to take a potassium supplement. The one his vet prescribed was a gel. Tiger ate it the first few times, then resisted - wouldn't even lick it off his nose! But he has been gobbling up the Potassa-Chews for two years now - I just quarter one and put it in his food dish, and yum, it's gone! Whatever the flavor is, my boy likes it.

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