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Reviews for Comfortis for Dogs 60-120 lbs, 6 Pack (Brown) (1016580)

Author: SKC
Location: Texas
Love this! Only thing that works! I have 3 dogs on this and love it. Two love the taste, but 1 doesn't. I have learned to smash a duck pill pocket and put one on each side of the pill and he will eat it right up. Wrappping it in the pill pocket also seems to make sure they get food with taking the pill and I haven't had a problem with them throwing it back up. It gets kinda expensive with 3 dogs so it's really only a two month supply for me, but in the long run it is well worth the money. Works better than any topical I have tried and I don't have to deal with the smell.

Best available
Author: E. Richter
Location: Austin, TX
My vet says this is the only flea control product that has any effectiveness at all. It's not perfect - you REALLY need to be sure they eat with it, or it can come back up. And that's an expensive proposition. But as long as it's fed with food, it should be fine. And it does work. I only wish they had it for cats too!

Comfortis for Dogs 60-120 lbs, 6 Pack (Brown)
Author: Eileen
Location: San Diego
Received promptly. Good service. Best price I have found. I prefer Comfortis becaue is is a tablet and taken internally. This is especially helpful as my dogs are certified therapy dogs. With Comfortis, I don't have to worry about whether it will still be on their fur when we make pet therapy visits. Also seems to resolve flea problems better than the topicals I have used.

Comfortis for Dogs 60-120 lbs, 6 Pack (Brown)
Author: Elizabeth
Location: USA
Worked on problem fleas where nothing else would.

Comfortis for Dogs 60-120 lbs, 6 Pack (Brown)
Author: Karen
Started using Comfortis because Frontline was not working as well as before.

Comfortis for Dogs 60-120 lbs, Brown, 6 Pack
Author: Gail
Frontline just is not effective where I live. Comfortis works perfectly well. Unfortunately, my dog hates the taste. I tried to cut it up and hide it in peanut butter, meat, cheese, egg, puppy food, etc. He eventually gets wise to the method I use and separates out the food from the pill. I hope this company comes out with a pill that my dog will like to eat. These pills are way too expensive to waste.

Comfortis for Large Dogs
Author: Eddie from GA
Location: south of ATL, GA
This product really works for us all year long. We live south of Atlanta! My pup is flea free and happy!!!

Comfortis For My German Shepherd
Author: Paul Beswick
Location: Manhattan Beach, CA
Our vet had strongly recommended Comfortis for our 3-year old German Shepherd as being more effective than Progam. However, you could only get it by prescription and it was significantly more costly through our vet. Thank goodness VetDepot's pricing is far more reasonable and they have great customer service.

Comfortis Large; Dogs
Author: MisSchulz
Location: Gig Harbor, WA
Before I came across Vet Depot, I was purchasing this product from my local veterinary. Our German Shepard seems to do very well on Comfortis. She has been on this product for over a year now and from the vet visits it keeps the fleas and other bugs in check. Vet Depot offered me the opportunity to save a few bucks, especially on a product I have to buy monthly.

Comfortis really works for my German Shepherds
Author: Qambra
Location: San Diego, CA
After a really bad dermatitis caused by fleas, the vet recommended to switch from Frontline to Comfortis. This was more than a year ago. I have not seen a single flea and my dog's skin looks great!

I am really happy with it.

Also I am very satisfied with VetDepot. They contacted the vet for the prescription and mailed it very quickly. Plus it cost me 18 dollars less than buying it from the vet.

I give half a pill after a meal one day, and the other half the next day to prevent vomiting (it happened with the first pill that I administered as a whole).

Comfortis Works for Our Sensitive Dog
Author: lab/lover
Location: Maui
<p>We are totally satisfied with Comfortis for flea control. Our lab has very sensitive skin, so any products that have to be applied to the skin are out for him. He has had no adverse reactions to Comfortis and he's at the beach a lot so we have to be careful about his exposure to fleas and ticks.

Great product! Great price!</p>

Good Deal!
Author: Pirmi's Mom
Location: Gloucester, MA
I know the product is good. Vet Depot gave me a great price. Only dowside was it took a bit longer to reach me than I would have liked. Otherwise, everything was great.

Great Price
Author: stacy
I purchase for two labs. Love the price!

It works
Author: djandbjk
I'm in dog rescue. I had a dog come in with fleas. I couldn't get rid of the fleas as most products just don't work. A vet dermatologist recommended Comfortis. I now always have my dogs and foster dogs on Comfortis. Won't use anything else. Comfortis is the best! Now they need to come out with Comfortis for kitties.

Love Comfortis!
Author: Jeanna
Location: Trion, GA
My dogs did not have a good reaction after trying Trifexis and were very lethargic. We gave Comfortis a try after using Frontline and other topical brands that just did not work at all. Comfortis has been the best! When we first gave them the pill, fleas were falling off dead and we haven't seen a flea since we started giving them this.

Love It!
Author: Cara Brooke
Works great on my two labs who are constantly in and out of the pond in my backyard. Nothing compares. Definately recommend this product!

Saved my dog's sanity and coat
Author: Freia
Location: wet, cold Pacific Northwest
I adopted my chocolate lab from the sheriff's pound. He had been neglected, and was 1/2 bald due to flea allergies. Every morning he was diggin', diggin'... We started him on the leading brand of drops applied between the shoulder blades. It seemed to work, until we took a camping trip. He was just COVERED in fleas! Poor boy! Dragged him down to the vet and begged for something more effective. We tried the Comfortis, and that whole flea swarm was dead within the hour. Big Boy has a healthy coat now, and is happy as can be. With VetDepot's prices, there's no reason for us to not keep him dosed every 30 days to keep him healthy. VetDepot did all the legwork with obtaining the prescription from out vet, so it was really easy.

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