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Reviews for S3 Soft Chews, 120 (1017002)

Good Product
Author: Lisa
Location: Portland, OR
<p>My black lab has had one knee surgery and needs another; he loves these chews and they really seem to help him have less pain in the leg that still needs surgery especially when or after he's super active. I don't even give him the full dose (4 chews for his weight; I usually give him 2) and they still seem to help.</p>

Good product!
Author: Diana
Location: Colorado
My 14-year-old German Shepard mix has arthritis pretty bad in his front legs. I have noticed he is jumping and twirling again and he hasn't done that in a while. It is working and he is walking so much better. This is a really good product. I recommend it to everyone.

Happy Dog
Author: P
Location: VA
Have been using the Soft Chews for a number of years as a daily maintenance for 10.5 year old dog with arthritis. As a daily dose (1/2 chew), she no longer has problems with steps and up and down on "her" loveseat.

S3 Soft Chews
Author: Viszla Owner
We have an almost 15 year old Viszla. We started giving her the S3 Soft Chews over a year ago. I didn't notice any major benefit immediately, but we ran out over the summer, and I noticed that she was having trouble getting up a few steps. Now that she's back on the S3's she's back to her usual slow self, but manages steps, keeping up with our German Short Hair puppy, walks, and the occasional hike!

S3 Soft Chews
We have a 12 1/2 year old 90lb German Shepard. He was diagnosed with arhritis in his hips and his knee caps. We have been giving him this medicine for about 1 month now and have seen an improvement in the way he's been getting around. They look like the candy Rolo and he thinks they are a treat.

S3 soft chews
Author: Gail
We have a 14 year old Golden Retriever and I can definitely tell a difference in how he gets around when he takes his soft gel chew. He loves the taste of them too so not like giving him medicine. Vet Depot has the best price on these!

S3 Soft Chews
Author: Kimi1129
Location: Chicago, IL
We have a 13 1/2 year old German Shepard who has arthritis in his knees and hips. We've been giving this to him for about 9 months now and it seems to be helping. He still has a hard time getting up the back 3 stairs but he has cataracts also, so he might not be able to see the stairs!

S3 Soft Chews, 120
Author: kathy
Location: salem oregon
<p>Hoping this will help my 14 year old Jack Russell. She has had knee surgery and arthritis. Just started yesterday on this med. Maybe it's my imagination but she seems more lively and does the stairs without falling. Could this med work that fast only after 2 chews or was it just a good day for her ?</p>

Thank you Vet Depot!
Author: Deborah and Bailey
Location: La Quinta, CA
My vet had recommended Dasuquin for my 10 year old royal standard poodle Bailey, expensive with no noticeable difference. However, while road tripping in the pacific northwest this past summer, a vet in Lake Oswego suggested the S3 Soft Chews. The difference was amazing and immediate!!! Upon returning home, we could not find this product at any vet office in the area. We were delighted to find Vet Depot online...who not only carried the chews, but the price was better, great customer service, and free shipping!

We've seen such a difference
Author: Anna W
Location: Texas
We have a 12 yr old Black Lab/Chow mix. The vet recommended the Soft Chews because she could hear and see the difficulties our dog was having getting up and around. What a difference they have made! She is a picky eater but loves these. They are her new treats. Within a couple of weeks, she was much quicker to get up and want to run outside. She was playing more with "her cat". After shopping around, Vet Depot had the best price for our refills. Thanks!

Wonderful product
Author: CT
Location: Plano, TX
Same as the vet sells, but costs less. Soft and chewy. Able to insert (shove) other pills into chew for dog.

The dog and I both love this product, but for different reasons!

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