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Reviews for Duralactin Canine and Feline Liquid, 8 oz (1015043)

Great Product
Author: Jeanene
Location: missouri
I have two cats with stomatitis & this product seems to be helping with their discomfort. I have used one bottle & plan on ordering another bottle. They seem happier & have an increased appetite. I have tried several products & none have seemed to help except for this one. Thanks !

Helps my cat
Author: Elaine
Location: Oregon
My cat has Interstitial Cystitis. This was recommended by our Veterinarian. I got a 4 oz. dropper bottle, poured some Duralactin in it, then added a dab of water -- probably less than 1/4 teaspoon, shook it up well, then give him three droppersful each morning. For the first time in several years, he is no longer leaking urine when he sleeps, and is much more comfortable. Comfortable enough to play with the other cats! I also give him Cosequin and two herbal remedies for bladder treatment. He's very good about taking all of them. About two weeks ago, he told me he didn't need it morning and night -- tried to hide under the bed in the evening. Animals know a lot about what they need and what they don't. So, now I've been giving him all his medicines in the morning only and we're both happy!

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