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Pala-Tech Cranberry Plus Granules for Dogs and Cats, 300 gm
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    Pala-Tech Cranberry Plus Granules for Dogs and Cats, 300 gm is a daily dietary supplement that supports and maintains a healthy urinary tract in pets. This supplement contains natural ingredients like vitamin C, Oregon grape root, and cranberry extract because they are known to minimize bacterial colonization of the bladder, boost the immune system, and improve resistance to urinary tract infections (UTIs).


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    L. Salo
    Anaconda, MT
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    • Helpful for idiopathic, chronic UTIs.
    • No cons.
    My pooch went from averaging 4 UTIs every year for the last 4 years, including one very serious kidney infection, to having had absolutely no problems in the 7 months we've been using this. I am so happy and so is my vet.
    Pala-Tech Cranberry Plus gave me my dragon back!
    Ohio, USA
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    Being a foster Mom for Ohio Pug Rescue for several years has given me unusual exposure to canine issues…good and bad. After a drive across the state to acquire my two newest foster pooches I stopped at the rescue’s vet on my way back to my own hometown. These two senior pugs were dumped at a local shelter. Reason stated: “New house, don’t want dogs in it.” I wanted to have the new pugs checked out before introducing them to my own pug pack. Our rescue’s vet said one had suffered a back injury at some point in her history causing her to experience difficulty fully emptying her bladder. The rescue’s vet indicated she would most likely have chronic urinary tract infections (UTI’s) and prescribed the standard antibiotics with a not so usual addition. She asked me to keep her on Pala-Tech Cranberry Plus. My curious look must have begged further information because she proceeded to explain she felt it would help prevent the bacteria from adhering to the walls of her urinary tract. This got me thinking. I had a pug of my own that was experiencing life threatening, chronic UTI’s. Hers would rage in very fast and her body’s response was to swell and block her from urinating. She’d been in the emergency room on more than one occasion to be catheterized in order to empty a bladder ready to burst. My own vet indicated her issues could be caused by any number of things and listed the many and varied tests that we would need to perform to unearth the cause. After several fruitless efforts and many dollars spent she still endured the pop up infections. It was so hard to see the changes emerging in her wonderfully bratty personality. She would normally burst through the house with the fire and glee of a small dragon set free over a sprawling village. Because of her UTI issues she was much less spunky and much more sedentary. Spending over $100 per month in medications to keep my little furkid going was difficult as well, especially with so many other dogs in my care. I thought I’d give this new Pala-Tech Cranberry Plus a try with her, even though my own vet grimaced and said, “I have no experience with that kind of alternative stuff.” Well, I am thrilled to say she has not had one UTI recurrence since! Sign me up for a lifetime supply! At around $5 per month for a dog her size, I certainly can’t complain about the cost. The fact that they love the flavor of it doesn’t hurt either.

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