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Epakitin, 300 gm
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    Quick Overview
    • May be used along with other kidney health supplements like Azodyl
    • Supports kidney function in dogs and cats
    • Contains chitosan derived from crab and shrimp shells
    • Works as a phosphate binder that lowers elevated blood phosphate levels
    • Manufacturer information and usage PDF


    Nutritional supplements for your pet's kidney health

    Epakitin, 300 gm is made with natural Chitosan from shrimp and crab shells to help dogs and cats suffering from chronic kidney disease (CKD). The Chitosan in Epakitin binds to phosphorus to reduce excess levels in the blood (phosphatemia) and help improve kidney function. This may help slow the damage caused by this progressive disease. While CKD is incurable, nutritional supplements like Epakitin and other medications and therapies may improve the quality of life for your cat or dog.

    Epakitin, 300 gm is available in powdered form and is highly palatable. Simply add it to your pet's food. Epakitin can be used in conjunction with low phosphorus diets designed for pets with chronic kidney disease, or it can be administered with regular pet food. The manufacturer of Epakitin also states that this supplement can be used with other renal care treatments like Azodyl. However, be sure to consult with your veterinarian before starting your cat or dog on any supplement regimen.


    Pet Weight Dosage
    Dogs/Cats: All weights

    1 gm of Epakitin per 5 kg (11 lb) body weight given orally in the morning and the evening mixed with food.
    One level spoonful (provided) contains 1 gram of Epakitin.

    If your pet suffers from phosphatemia and azotemia caused by their chronic kidney disease, ask your veterinarian if Azodyl might be a suitable treatment along with Epakitin.

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    Great product...Lowered my pets colesterol to a normal level. Have used it for several years now at a very good price.
    Epakitin is Great
    Review Date:

    Using this product the last few years has been a night and day health difference for our Berman. Vet Depot's price is much cheaper than I can obtain it locally and is always competitive with other web prices. Their service is fast and error free.
    The cheapest Epakitin I've found
    San Antonio, TX
    Review Date:

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    I've been giving Epakitin to my dog with the advice of my vet for over a year. VetDepot has it at the lowest price I've found. I'm very happy with the product! :)

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