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Cosequin for Cats, 80 Sprinkle Capsules
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    Quick Overview
    • Joint supplement with glucosamine and chondroitin, not drugs
    • Protects against cartilage breakdown
    • Eases joint pain caused by arthritis
    • Helps protect your cat's mobility
    • Sprinkle capsules for cats flavored with natural tuna and chicken
    • Manufacturer information and usage PDF


    Help maintain your cat's joint health with Cosequin

    Cosequin for Cats, 80 Sprinkle Capsules is a great option if you're looking for a supplement designed with your cat's joint health in mind. This product is a supplement, not a drug, so it allows you to avoid some of the side effects associated with traditional arthritis pain medications.

    Cosequin for Cats is made with high quality glucosamine and low-weight molecular chondroitin. These substances work together to help promote new cartilage and synovial fluid production, to protect existing connective tissue, and inhibit enzymes responsible for cartilage breakdown. This product is manufactured according to strict standards similar to those used by the pharmaceutical industry. Buy Cosequin Sprinkle Capsules for Cats today to support joint function and improve your pet's quality of life.


    Sprinkle the contents of Cosequin for Cats capsules on your pet's food. If it is more convenient, the capsule may be "pilled" and/or hidden inside a pet Pill Pocket treat. Once the initial period is over, you may administer the capsules every other day as a maintenance dose. Be sure to follow your veterinarian's specific instructions for your pet.

    If your cat eats dry food, moisten the food with a small amount of water to make sure the powder sticks. Or capsule contents may be mixed with a small amount (a tbsp) of canned or wet food.

    Initial Period (4-6 Weeks)

    Weight Dosage
    Under 10 lbs. 1 capsule sprinkled on food daily
    Over 10 lbs. 2 capsules sprinkled on food daily

    Cosequin for Cats, 80 Sprinkle Capsules Customer Reviews


    Overall Customer Rating of 28 Reviews:

    Cosequin for Cats

    This is really helping my 15-year old cat. He was getting up in the morning as stiff as I was and I was really worrying about him. He is now walking much better and doesn't seem to be in pain.

    cat is frisky again

    my now 15 yr old cat has been on this for about a year. He doesn't mind it sprinkled on his food. I started with two capsules a day for 2 months then one capsule per day. He jumps and runs again.


    Helping my cat

    My poor cat has Interstitial Cystitis. This, along with Duralactin, and two natural herbal remedies, have stopped his leaking of urine -- first time in several years! -- and made him much more comfortable. I'm very thankful for both of these products. They were both recommended by our Veterinarian!

    Our cat does not like canned food, so I just open the capsule and drop it in a syringe with about 2 cc's of warm water in it. Shake it up and it dissolves easily. Then squirt it in his mouth. He's very good about taking all four of his "medicines."


    Good product

    Our cat has Interstitial Cystitis. This was recommended by our Vet, along with Duralactin. He has special food but does not care for canned food. So, I put 2 cc's of warm water in a syringe, pour the capsule in and shake it up. It dissolves pretty good in warm water and he doesn't mind taking it. Since using this and Duralactin, his I. C. is showing no symptoms at all. Poor little guy leaked urine whenever he slept deeply. Haven't seen him leak in several months now.

    What a relief -- for him and for us!

    DC Metro Area

    Great Product for my Older Cat

    A few years ago someone recommended Cosequin for my cat who is now 14. He was really slowing down, not running or jumping. After a few months he was moving around better and seemed more comfortable. He can still jump around with 4 feet off the floor with ease. He easily does the stairs from one floor to another in our house. And, he vigorously plays with our other pets. Initially I was buying this product at retail, but the VetDepot offers a much better value.

    This information is for general reference only and should not be used for the diagnosis or treatment of any condition of your pet. Because is intended as a general reference, this information may not include all possible uses, precautions, directions, reactions (including allergic), drug interactions, or withdrawal times. Always consult your local veterinarian and have your pet examined for any advice concerning the diagnosis and treatment of your pet, including which products and doses are most appropriate. Any trademarks are the property of their respective owners. VetDepot is not a pharmacy. All prescription products are dispensed by our Pharmacy Partner.

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