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    Quick Overview
    • Kidney supplements for dogs and cats
    • Formerly available as Azodyl, 60 Capsules (larger size capsules)
    • May help slow the progression of chronic kidney disease
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    Support your pet's kidneys with Azodyl

    Azodyl, 90 Capsules is a kidney supplement for dogs and cats that is available without a prescription. While kidney disease cannot be cured, the lives of pets with it may be improved with products like Azodyl. With a combination of three different strains of probiotics, Azodyl may reduce azotemia, which is an increased concentration of toxins that make it harder for your pet's impaired kidneys to filter and eliminate waste.

    By slowing down uremic toxin buildup through natural enteric dialysis, Azodyl helps prevent further kidney damage. All of the bacteria in this product are naturally-occurring, and because they are live strains, Azodyl must be stored in a refrigerator. Please note: Although Azodyl may remain unrefrigerated for a limited period of time, it is shipped expedited Monday through Thursday with insulated packaging and ice packs to minimize time spent unrefrigerated during shipping.


    Pet Weight Dosage
    Dogs/Cats: Up to 5 lbs

    Give 1 capsule daily

    5–10 lbs

    Give 2 capsules daily

    Over 10 lbs Give 3 capsules daily

    Remember: Azodyl must be kept refrigerated.

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    Although overnight shipping is expensive, the package came with solid ice packs in the middle of summer. Wonderful service. I believe my dog is doing better since starting this product. Blood tests next month will hopefully be positive. My dog is in early stage kidney disease.
    Azodyl 90 Smaller Capsule
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    Very good product.
    Good price and delivery.
    Helping to keep my cat alive
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    My elderly cat was diagnosed with CRF over two years ago. The vet at the time didn't have a very encouraging prognosis, but as a former vet student myself, I went home and did my homework. I found www.felinecrf.org and saw several recommendations for Azodyl. I have no doubt that Azodyl works and works wonders. VetDepot has the best prices and the cold packaging is second to none. They are actually the first site where the medicine arrived as cold as it should.

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