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Ear Care


Cleansing Ear Rinses for Pets

Ear problems are a common cause of veterinary visits, with infections, masses, hearing difficulty, excessive wax build up, and injuries all being common in dogs and cats. Fortunately, many ear problems in pets are preventable with routine ear care at home. Routine care helps prevent excessive wax accumulation and infection, and it allows you to examine your pet's ears for troublesome symptoms, such as discharge, hair loss, redness, odor, swelling, or crusting. Report any suspicious findings to your veterinarian. Without treatment, your pet is at risk for hearing loss and other complications.

VetDepot carries a range of EPA and FDA-approved products that make routine ear care a breeze. Order ear rinses, cleansers, wipes, ointments, and other products from the comfort of your home and have them shipped straight to your door. In the event your pet requires prescription medication, VetDepot carries trusted brands of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications to treat your pet's ear problems quickly and effectively.

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