Nutritional Supplements and Medications for Pets

Vetri-Science is a leading pet medication and nutritional supplement manufacturer whose products are designed to support urinary tract health, support the liver, protect joints, and remedy a whole host of conditions. Some top products include Vetri-Liver supplements, UT Strength for bladder and urinary tract health, Vetri-SAMe 225 mg and 90 mg, and Vetri-Probiotic for healthy digestive systems. Vetri-Science has been providing high quality pet medications for dogs, cats, and horses for over thirty years.

Comparable Trade Names & Generics

Vetri-Science has products for joint support, flea and tick control, liver support, probiotics, bladder support, heart health, and more. By buying Vetri-Science products at discount prices from VetDepot, you can protect your pet inside and out and make sure they live long, healthy lives.

Benefits of Vetri-Science Products

  • The microorganisms in Vetri-Probiotic support digestive health
  • Protect your horse's joints with Vetri-H.A. Bits and Vetri-Joint EQ
  • Antioxidants available in Vetri-DMG and Maitake-DMG
  • Weight losss support provided by Vetri-Lean and Vetri-Lean Plus

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