DermaLyte Shampoo, 12 oz

DermaLyte Shampoo, 12 oz (1010871)

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DermaLyte Shampoo

I had rescued my Dog

So on or First Vet. visit one of the things my Vet. had recommended was Shampoo

for sensitive skin my girl being a Parsons Terrier, with white hair and not many spots

you can see her pink skin… I asked how much and the Vet. said $17.32 I almost feel out of my seat VetDepot wants $8.79 Rock on!!!

This no Soap or Dye Shampoo rocks!!!

It Leathers up like no other pet shampoo I have ever used, its not like most shampoo’s….WOW…

My Sugar loves it she is soft and fresh smelling..

I can use it daily if I want and not have to worry about anything!!!

So many people complain that it smells to strong of coconut well it does have coconut oil in it.. So if you don’t like the WEEK Odor of coconut or you are allergic to it then its not the item for you..


John M

Palo Alto, Ca

Lubbock, TX

Natural ingredients!

  • All natural, no animal by-products.
  • None.
I was looking for vegan products to use on my animals and came across this. It cleans really well and doesn't dry out the skin or coat.

Reviews 1-2 of 2

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