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Denosyl 425mg, 30 Tablets

Denosyl 425mg, 30 Tablets (1013934)

5.00 stars, based on 2 reviews
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Life saver

  • Can%20safely%20restore%20liver%20function
  • NONE
This product gave my beautiful Niki two extra years of life. I gave it to her when she was diagnosed with liver failure and her liver function returned to normal. No one told me that you could leave your dog on this product forever with no side effects. If I had done so, she might still be alive today. The vet I went to did not tell me I could leave her on it to protect her delicate liver. Her liver quietly failed without me realizing it and she died.


very effective supplement

  • restores%20liver%20function
  • None
This supplement is very effective at rejuvenating your pet's liver function. It is well worth the money and can help extend your pet's life despite a liver that is not functioning fully. This supplement can be used for your pet's entire life without adverse side effects. My yellow lab had less than desirable liver function, I gave this supplement to him daily for approximatley six months, after blood testing showed normal liver function, I now give this to him three times a week to maintain that status.

Reviews 1-2 of 2

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