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Reviews for CET Pet Toothbrush (1010352)

Finally!A brush for small dogs with small mouths
Author: Nancy
Finally, I've found a brush that is the appropriate size for my 8 pound toy poodle!

Great Toothbrush
Author: Tina
Location: NY
I got two of these to brush my two dogs teeth. I've tried other toothbrushes but they were too big to maneuver in the dogs mouths. These are small and I can brush their teeth much easier. Definitely will order these again!

Soft toothbrushes
Author: Jason Vella
Location: Santa Fe
These are great. I buy them in groups of 20 so I get free shipping and always have them around for all my pets. I have 3 dogs and 2 cats and these actually work on all of them. The heads are small and bristles are soft.

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