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Reviews for Azodyl, 90 Capsules - 3 Pack (1016194)

A powerful, effective product
Author: Donna
I've been giving Azodyl to my 19-year-old cat since he was diagnosed with kidney disease several years ago. My veterinarian is consistently amazed at Luke's ureic acid levels, which have remained stable for years despite his advancing age. The vet was sure he would get worse each year, but he hasn't, all thanks to the Azodyl. I couldn't be happier with the product itself, but I also appreciate the knowledge and friendliness of the VetDepot staff, as well as the speed and efficiency of their shipping.

Author: Azoldyl
Location: Ohio
<p>My cat was diagnosed with early kidney failure. I had read about Azodyl through the e-mails. I ordered it and it was here the next day! I do notice that he isn't quite as sluggish and not losing as much fur.</p>

Azodyl 3 Pack
Author: Black Lab Owner
Location: Cape Cod
Shipped quickly as required because of cold packaging. However, S&H of $31.57 seemed excessive for 3 small bottles and cold pack.

Author: BOW-WOW

Fantastic product
Author: Cathy
This product has made a huge difference in my elderly cat's treatment of chronic renal failure. She has now been on Azodyl for over 4 years, along with two other medicines from our vet, and continues to hold her own at age 19.

Great stuff!
Author: Terry
Great stuff! Since starting it, my dog is feeling better and the symptoms that had me starting her on it are gone.

It definitely works!
Author: BetsC
My two cats have kidney disease. One was diagnosed in March 2011 at age 14 and the other in January 2012 at age 15. Since using Azodyl, their BUN has dropped into the normal range and the CREA is now only a couple of points too high. They both act perfectly normal. I will give them Azodyl for the rest of their lives.

It Works!!!
Author: Donnie
Location: Lehigh Acres, FL
Have used this product on my dog, who was diagnosed with Acute Renal Failure in November, 2012. He's not cured, but is doing much, much better. Am waiting to get him tested to see if the diagnoses can be changed to Chronic Renal Failure....not a great diagnosis, but better than Acute. Without this supplement, he wouldn't be here.

Location: UPSTATE NY
Excellent service! Fast shipping! Good Price! Will use again!

New to Azodyl
Author: Steve
Location: Henderson, NV
My dog was diagnosed with early stage renal failure and my sister recommended this product, she used it for her cat and said it added two years to his life. Piglet has only been on the pills for 20 days. I will take him back to the vet for tests after he has been on them for a month. Hopefully these pills will work. Will update review after vet visit.

This Supplement works.
Author: Donnie
One of my schnauzer's was diagnosed with Acute Renal Failure in December of 2012. His symptom's started about three days prior to visiting the Vet. We started him immediately on Azodyl and antibiotics, along with a diet of kidney disease foods, and snacks. I couldn't get him back for a follow-up until February, 2013, as I lost one of my baby's in January. When I took him back in February, we did a large batch of lab work on him, and the Vet came in the examination room and looked a little forlorn. I thought something was terribly wrong, but she said his lab work shows no sign of him ever having renal failure. She said dogs can have a full recovery, if it's caught in time. They ran the blood work twice, just to make sure they hadn't made any mistake. I had caught his renal failure early enough, and started him on Azodyl quick enough for him to recover. I keep him on a maintenance dosage regimen of Azodyl now and will continue this for the rest of his life.

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