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Reviews for AOE - Animal Odor Eliminator (A.O.E.), 8oz (1014106)

Anything that kills anal gland odor will kill ANY odor!
Author: GuitarER
Location: Anderson, IN
I recognized the smell of AOE the instant I sprayed it - it's used in every vet's office I've been in, & for a reason - it works! We have four dachshunds (three are rescues), which are notorious for anal gland issues, & the newest rescue puppy got smelling pretty bad at times. Even worse, one of the other dogs would try to lick the pup's butt - which he didn't particularly care for! AOE stopped the immediate problem, & a diet additive ("Dog Smog Remedy")seems to have tamed the savage anal gland. We haven't tried it on other odor problems but I'm confident that it'll take care of the annual winter cat urine problem on our front porch this year!

Great product
Author: Ninedachsiemom
Location: Washington
I haven't personally used the bottles I bought, but my vet uses this in his office and it works great! This is by far the cheapest place to purchase it, plus there are so many other great products here!

Really Works
Author: Morgan
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
I worked at a veterinary clinic during my undergrad years and we used this for when we expressed anal glands. If you haven't smelled the smell of anal glands before it's often so strong on odor that it can make you feel like you've been punched in the stomach. This is the only product I've found which can be used on the animal as well as the air to get rid of that smell. It really works too. The scent is something like rosemary, but it will be distinctively better than what you're spraying it on.

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