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Ticked OFF Tick Remover for Pets : VetDepot.com

Ticked OFF Tick Remover (1018146)

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BEST tic remover tool ever!

When removing ticks, the two most important things are to GET THE HEAD and DON'T SQUEEZE THE TICK. Often very difficult to do, especially with squirmy pets like cats! If you squeeze the tick, there's the possibility of squeezing infected blood from the tick back into the pet or person. This increases the chances of tick borne diseases (like Lyme) and bacterial infection. It's very hard to grab a blood-filled tick with tweezers or any kind of traditional tweezer type tick remover without squishing it - especially if it's been on the pet long enough to be felt thru often thick fur! Then you have to get rid of a possibly bloody tick or tick parts, with further contamination issues. Flat (unfilled) ticks are amazingly difficult to grasp and tough to pull off in one piece. And if you try repeatedly, they dig in further! there are many Old Wives Tales of how to remove ticks - suffocating it with baby oil or Vaseline, burning match, alcohol, many more; NONE of them work. Ask a Doctor! This little spoon with it's tiny 'V' groove scoops up the tick by easily getting between the skin and tick, then the tick ends up in the spoon, where it can be dumped in a toilet with no contamination contact at all and ZERO chance of squeezing the tick! It also preserves the tick whole, so you can put it in a baggie and take it to your Doctor or vet to be identified if Lyme is a possibility! Sterilize the spoon with alcohol, and store to be used again and again. As a lifetime scout, scout leader, camper and pet owner this is by far the easiest, most effective and safest way to remove ticks I have ever tried. I recommend that you buy a couple of these - put one in each car, one with the camping equipment/ First aid kit and one in your bathroom. My only complaint is that the item is so small, I can never remember where I put it when I need it again!

Reviews 1-1 of 1

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