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Reviews for Advantage II for Cats 9-18 lbs, 4 Pack (Purple) (1010106)

Advantage for Cats 9-18 lbs, Purple, 4 Pack
Author: Judi G.
Location: Texas
Very pleased. Had a horrible flea problem on my cat. He was scratching constantly. Bathing and flea combing did nothing. This product worked like a dream. My cat is now resting peacefully rather than being constantly irritated. He is now free to become a true "fat cat"!!

Advantage for Cats 9-18 lbs, Purple, 4 pack (1010106)
Author: Bonnie
Location: Wilson NC
I have been using advantage for cats 9-18 lbs for about 7 years. My cat is a hefty 19 lbs and lives indoors. This time of the year with my dog going in and out of the house, the fleas try to find a home on the cat but using this product keeps the infestation down and only occassionaly will I see one. After using this on my cat, he starts pouting for a few hours but goes back to being "normal" after a few hugs and kisses.

Advantage II for Cats 9-18 lbs, 4 Pack (Purple)
Author: Gina
Location: Seattle, WA
Always been my favorite flea remover. Works well and I typically only have to give it a couple times each summer with the mild Seattle climate.

At last no more fleas
Author: Kathy
I have been fighting a flea battle for months. I had been buying my drops at the store and that was fine until this year. After the first application the fleas are at bay. I didn't know there was a different kind for the larger cats. Thank you for offering it at a great price.

Cheaper than the pet store!!
Author: Katie
Location: North Carolina
I was so happy to find this cheaper than at Petsmart. I ordered this on a Thursday at 5am and received on Saturday. Amazing!! :D

Decent Product
Author: KAR
Location: USA
I used Advantage for cats simply for preventative treatment, but I have read reviews that says it works great for flea treatment. It was extremely easy to apply, but note that it does take a long time to dry (24 hr) and you will want to avoid petting the application area for at least a day. My cat had no problems or effects from Advantage. It only took a few seconds and she was off playing again.

Flea Free At Last
Author: Dee
Location: Palm Coast, FL
<p>Best product I have tried and doesn't make my cats sick like others. Fast, efficient service and best prices from Vet Depot.</p>

Gives my kitty relief!!
Author: Krista
Location: Tennessee
My cat is highly allergic to flea dust. Advantage II is the only product that helps my kitty's skin. A few days after I apply her treatment my kitty is back to normal. Thank you Advantage II for making my cat happy again!

Works great!
Author: Steph
I've been using this on my cat for almost a year now and have not seen one flea! It's easy to apply and I like that it's small and easy to hold whilst applying. Definitely recommend!

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