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Reviews for Adequan Canine, 5 mL Vial, Box of 2 Vials | 100 mg/mL (1016304)

Author: C. Palmer
Location: Overland Park, KS
Several months ago, our vet suggested we begin to use Adequan on one of our aging kitties and a couple of our senior golden retrievers. And since it is very easy to use (injection made just below the skin line and NOT into the muscle!) we are already seeing a difference in their ability to move easier and without pain! With a house full of rescued animals, purchasing this product from VetDepot has saved us money too...much cheaper than buying from our vet!!

Adequan Canine, 5 mL Vial, Box of 2 Vials
Author: Cathy
Our 10 year old dog is 165 lbs and has severe hip dysplasia and mild arthitis. This product has helped him to move about more comfortably. He's even able to climb back on the bed now (with the help of an ottoman to step up). Would highly recommend this product!

Adequan Canine.
Author: Liz Rose
Location: Ohio
I would recommend this product for any dog that is having trouble with arthritis. We have been treating our Saint for the last few months and we are amazed at the results. It is expensive but worth the money for a good friend.

Adequan For Canines
Author: Karen Daley
Location: East Freetown, MA
This product has a made a huge difference in the lives of two of our 12 1/2 year old huskies whose back legs were failing. Vet Depot not only has the best prices on line, but their customer service contacts our vet for the prescriptions and they communicate via email through every step of the order from initial placement to when it's shipped. Both Adequan and Vet Depot get 5 stars from us and our dogs!

Adequan for Dogs
Author: Leslie
Location: Long Beach, CA
This medicine has really helped my 14 1/2 year-old Labrador. While pricey, it sure is more reasonably priced to buy here than directly from the veterinarian. Anyway, I have seen a noticeable improvement in my dog's gait since giving her the injections.

Adequan for Labs
Author: Tammie
Location: Harrisburg, PA
Our vet recommended the shots which we did through their office and they suggested buying on line and administering the shots ourselves. Vetdepot has the best price I could find on the internet and the customer service was great. Our Dog is more energetic and active since using the Adequan.

Adequan has been great!
Author: Unknown
Location: Raleigh, NC
Our vet suggested we try this give the injections ourselves. Vetdepot had the best prices we could find.

Gave great results
Been using Adequan for at least 5 years! It gave fast pain relief and continued joint suppport to our now 15 year old Lab Keeta. Recommend start at onset of arthritis.

Gives relief to "old dog creaky-ness"
Author: ACD Girl
Location: Sebastopol, CA
I have a 16+ year old Cattle Dog, Mimi, who is finally showing her age and is stiff and sore when she first gets up, and because of pain, is getting unsteady on her feet. She has aged remarkably well, unlike her sister Lulu, whose orthopedic problems aged her prematurely. We began giving Adequan in conjunction with Legend to Lulu when she was about 12 years old and it helped her a lot. She died 5 months ago. I experimented with giving one or the other alone and it was clear that they worked together best. (I began this "dual" regimen on the advice of a veterinary orthopedist.) Now Mimi, the remaining sister, needs relief and we have started her on it, with an added twist: Mimi has Cushing's Disease and so she can't have many of the typical pain meds given to dogs as they age (Metacam, etc.). So the Adequan/Legend combination is about all we have to help her except for Tramadol, which makes her sleepy. It is working fairly well, though you have to understand that the relief tapers off over time with noticeable relief within hours or a day after the shots, and then a varying period of time during which it fades. The subcutaneous injections are rarely even noticed by the dog and some people's vets teach them to do them at home, but I don't do that. This is an expensive therapy, but most of us get so devoted to our animals that the expense is thought of in the same way we'd consider the expense of medications for a child: we do it if we possibly can. Good luck with your sweet old friends. There is nothing in the world like an old dog...

great products at great prices
Author: Butter's mom
Location: Calif
My 15 year old cat has severe arthritis in her front legs and back due to an accident as a young cat- there really aren't a lot of options for pain relief for cats so I was happy when the vet recommended Adequan-

I noticed an immediate change in her behavior- she doesn't cry as much when she moves around and is much more people friendly.

I do give the shots myself and ordered this medication from Vet Depot- but shorthly thereafter, I found the medication on another site for less money- I contacted Vet Depot and they immediately refunded me the difference in cost- this is one of the reasons I use this company- great service

If you own a GSD or other Large DOG, Adequan is the way to go!!!
Location: USA
We have used Adequan over the past 6 months and have noticed remarkable improvement in our GSD's movement. VetDepot has the best price and even more importantly, they have the best customer service! You WON'T be dissappointed!

My Miracle
Author: Foley's Mom
Location: WA
My 10 yr old Sibe had gotten so bad with arthritis that he could no longer support himself and I thought the end was near, by his second dose I could see the change and today he's getting his 8th shot and I swear he's back even better than before his fall. He's jumping and spinning and tells me every day how grateful he is to have this second chance . I can tell the pain is gone which thrills me. Yes, it's a bit pricey, but it's so worth it's weight in gold to have my Foley feeling great and acting like a pup again. I'm 120% satisfied with this product!!

Author: JoLynn
Location: Salt Lake City
I researched for alternatives for my 20 yr old cat that has arthritis in her knee & lower back. She can't have anti-inflammatory meds due to her heart murmur. In the meantime, I had to give her oral pain medication every day, every 8 hours. Thank goodness in my research I found a blog from a vet who used it in cats with great results. So I talked to my vet and he read my research I gave him. Bottom line, not only is my girl been on it since July 2013 & doing AWESOME with NO pain meds, my vet's own cat is on it and doing great. Adequan has saved my cat's quality of life....and mine!

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