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Reviews for Trifexis for Dogs 60.1-120 lbs, 6 Chewable Tablets (Brown) (1018124)

A Complete Product
Author: Cheryl Huddle
Location: Redondo Beach, CA
It's no longer necessary to use separate flea and heartworm preventatives! If you administer flea treatments every 30 days, Trifexis will actually save you money in the long run!

All in one!!
Author: Kelli
Trifexis is by far the best heartworm and flea preventative that has been released on the market!! Instead of having to keep up with pills and liquids both, it's two in one!! It makes the monthly process of medicating three large breed dogs much easier!! VetDepot not only has the best prices around, but also great customer service and quick turnaround time on orders!

amazing product
Author: Akatz
Location: Florida
It kills fleas fast! And it really lasts the 30 days like it supposed to.... Good to have a product that actually works.

Best Price in the Market
Author: Maru
Location: Houston, Texas
VetDepot was easy, fast and the best prices I found online!

They helped me a lot finding the right product and contacting my vet to get the prescription.

Very happy with the change!


Author: allison
Location: houston tx
Like how they combined comfortis and hearguard...

Flea and Heartworm meds in one...
Author: JW
Location: CO
I am really glad I heard about this stuff. It works great on my 85 lbs. lab. And its like getting a two-for-one special. Very easy to administer as it comes in a pill form.

Great Product
Author: Joseph
Location: North Carolina
Cheaper than the Vet, fast shipping after the Rx got faxed in, Vet said check the expiration date on the box because on-line companies are not allowed to sell this product, only Vets can, I couldn't check the box because it didn't have one, it came in a zip lock bag, the Vet said, on line companies do this to cover their tracks on how they got it through some bar code symbols, the pills themselves were sealed at the factory and the expiration date on each one of them was good for more than a whole year, it's the same pills and $30 cheaper for 6 months.................I'm happy..............

Great Service!
Author: Kathy
Location: Edgewater, FL
This is the second time I have ordered this product from Vet Depot and in both cases I have found that not only are the prices for this product the best I have found, Vet Depot has the most wonderful customer service! Besides being well informed, they made it easy to get the prescription from my local veterinarian and went out of their way to help me through the whole process. I would recommend Vet Depot to anyone!

Great service, great price! Thanks.
Author: brit-1
Location: Hilton Head, SC
Best price I could find online or through my vet. Product arrived quickly.

Love that it's a combo!
Author: Witney
Location: IN
My dog doesn't like water. So he HATES the liquid flea medication. He shakes it off, tries to rub it on the couches, and generally makes a mess. This pill is flea medication AND heartworm preventive so it's way more convenient. It is a more expensive than getting both separately, but in my opinion, it's worth it to avoid oily flea medication all over me and my house!

Solid heartworm pill
Author: Sarah
Location: Austin, TX
Switched to Trifexis when Sentinel ran out. Seems to work just fine. Dogs don't mind eating them. Hasn't given them any bad side effects. Little pricey, but that's ok.

Author: Cheryl H.
Location: California
Although there's a rush to obtain this product, due to Sentinel being out of production for the immediate future, I was able to get Trifexis delivered in a timely manner. The price was so much better than I was quoted at my vet too!

Author: Sylvia
Location: California
Love this product for my dog. Excellent customer service!!!

Trifexis 60-120
Author: Dave
Location: pikeville,pa.
Have found this product superior to others. It treats more that most heartworm medications. The cost was less than my vets and other sites.

Trifexis for Dogs 60.1-120 lbs
Author: Staci G
Location: Sacramento
Trifexis is the best product I know of to kill fleas and defend against heartworm. It is very easy to administer and doesn't leave an oily streak on my dogs back like some of the other flea medications. I do have to cut it in half and give one dose on one day and another dose the next day just due to the strength of the medication. My lab had a bad tummy when I gave him the whole tablet but was fine once I split it in half. This is a pricey drug but VetDepot had the best price on the web.

Trifexis for Dogs 60.1-120 lbs, 6 Chewable Tablets (Brown)
Author: Dave G.
The flavored chewable tablets aren't a problem for my three dogs. Also, Trifexis controls whipworm, which is active in my area. I feel this product protects my dogs better than others.

Trifexis for Dogs 60.1-120 lbs, 6 Chewable Tablets (Brown)
Author: Sybil Carden
Location: United States
I tried several other flea treatments that did not work. Trifexis killed all of the fleas within an hour and so far she hasn't had any more problems with them.

Trifexis for Dogs 60.1-120 lbs, 6 Chewable Tablets (Brown)
Author: happy
Great customer service!

will definetly use again
Author: LRandle
<p>This product works very well in controlling fleas, and will definetly use again</p>

You could pay more but why?
Author: Kim
Location: St Petersburg, florida
There's no reason to spend more money on the same medicine your vet can provide or even some of the more popular vet websites. I've price checked and vet depot always comes up as the best deal. It's as simple as sending in your written prescription.

My dogs have never had any issues with trifexus after years of monthly dosages. I like the combo coverage - fleas and heartworm prevention in one pill. Just like you could pay more but why, you could give your dog 2 pills instead of 1. It just doesn't make sense!

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