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Reviews for I-Drop Vet Plus Ophthalmic Solution, 10 mL (1017347)

An excellent product
Author: Kate's mom
Location: New York City
The product was first prescribed for my Kate when she had eye surgery after developing diabetes. The animal medical center was charging a very high fee for the drops and I stopped using them... when I discovered VetDepot had them at less than half the price, I was thrilled. They work well and is Kate is very happy!

I'm particularly pleased with how responsive VetDepot is, they contacted me almost daily when the drops were not immediately available, and then told me when they would arrive... and they did. Thanks guys.

Dr. Recomended
Author: Arthur
Location: Clewiston, FL
My one year old Boxer suffers with dry eye, we are going to have surgery, to connect the saliva duct to the tear duct. While we wait, the Dr. recommended "I-Drop", I put it in each eye several times a day and you can see the relief it brings to my puppy. We have made a game of it and she gets excited when it is drop time. The product is effective and reasonably priced, My puppy and I recommend it to any one in need of help with serious dry eye.

Author: Laurie
Location: Wichita, KS
This eye drop was prescribed for my dog by an eye specialist. Her tear ducts are damaged and she doesn't produce tears in one of her eyes. I have to administer several times a day for the rest of her life, so it was becoming very expensive. I had been purchasing this product from the specialist for twice the price. So thank you Vet Depot for offering such a great price and speedy delivery.

Exceptional product
Author: Mary
Location: Charleston, SC
This is a wonderful product. My cat Mimi is two years old now. She was a rescue. I found her at four weeks old barely clinging to life. Both her eyes were so swollen that you couldn't tell that she had eyeballs. She suffers from Ocular Herpes. I managed to get the herpes under control but she has one blocked tear duct. These drops soothe her eye. She is so used to me cleaning her eye and using the drops that it doesn't seem to upset her at all. When I put the drops in her eye, she always starts to purr loudly! I have tried several other products but none work like this one and she fought me when we used them. I purchased this product from the vet for a while but it was at 3X the cost of VetDepot's! Also, it was a long drive to get it. Thank you VetDepot for pricing reasonably and for fast/dependable delivery. I love the free shipping when I purchase in quantity. It allows me to have a few on hand at all times. All this makes Mimi a happy cat!

Eye drops
Author: Linda
Location: South carolina
Our Isabella seemed to be facing surgeries and possible blindness because get eyes became so dry! The vet have us these same drops at an unbelievable $56 ! They helped so I found VetDepot and ordered at a great price! She is doing well! No surgeries! I will look to this sight for future meds!! Thank you !!!

For Dry Eyes
Author: Emma Cross
Location: NOVA
This is the most amazing product ever. One drop and my pet's eyes were so much better. I feel so bad now for every moment my baby suffered before I knew about these drops.

Great Job!
Author: Bob
Location: Fort Myers, FL
Been a customer for a couple of years because the prices are great, the products are great and the shipping is always fast and error free!

Great Price!!
Author: Laurie
Location: Wichita, KS
This product was prescribed by our dog's eye specialist. She will need these drops to be administered 6-8 times per day for the rest of her life. We were buying it through his office for twice the price. So we were thrilled to find it at vet depot and will continue ordering. Thanks for offering it at such an affordable price.

I-Drop Vet Plus Ophthalmic Solution
Author: Frank
Location: Florida
I have been using I-Drop on my dog's eyes for over a year and have seen a dramatic improvement. Some products lose their effectiveness after a few doses but this product is good for the duration! Excellent!

I-Drop Vet Plus Ophthalmic Solution
Author: Susan
Location: Dallas
When I rescued my dog Benjamin a year and a half ago from death row due to being almost blind from the eye condition KCS (Dry Eye), his eyes looked like worn leather. We worked with my vet, administering prescription Cyclosporine eye drops for several months in an attempt to make his eyes produce tears on their own. When it was time to administer drops, Benj would run when I pulled out the brown bottle of prescription drops...but came running to me when I pulled out this product! My vet determined with tear tests that Benjamin was not producing tears with the Cyclosporine and she stopped them entirely. I now buy several bottles of I-Drop Vet Plus from Vet Depot and use them daily and they are about 1/6th the cost of the prescription drops! Benjamin's eyes are bright and shiny and they are comforting to him. WE LOVE THIS PRODUCT!

I-Drop Vet Plus Ophthalmic Solution, 10 mL
Author: Linda simerly
Location: South carolina
<p>We have had wonderful service here at VetDepot! When back ordered a very nice young lady let us know promptly! Our dogs are family and we trust their care to this company's products! Thank you so much!!</p>

Author: Chris J
Location: Arizona
This seems to be a very long lasting eye drop. Seems to last longer and keep eyes moist during the day. It doesn't evaporate quickly and layers on the eye instead of rolling off. Not thick and gooey so allows eye to breathe, too. Great for day time when we can't get home to do the drops as often.

Love I-Drop
Author: Parker
Location: North Carolina
This stuff is amazing. My Doxie is on a serious eye drop schedule due to severe KCS. He doesn't make tears in one eye and only at about an 8 in the other eye. Our ophthalmologist has him on Cyclosporine compounded with Tacrolimus (2 x a day in drop form) as well as the I drop 10-15 times a day (which are AMAZING) along with Cyclosporine ointment at night in both eyes. I LOVE I Drop..he seems to feel so much better each time we drop him with I Drop. He gave us the option of the saliva duct in place of the tear duct, but since there are so many cons to that surgery and the dog can sometimes not respond at all. Not to mention if he does, the saliva duct will still respond when the dog eats and therefore will keep the muzzle wet and irritated from too much moisture. We decided to take on the task of dropping our Doxie 15 times a day and I can't say how great it is to be able to buy this $6.00 bucks cheaper. It works wonders!!

Wonderful product!
Author: Jane B.
Location: Long Island, New York
My vet prescribed these drops for my dogs 'dry eye' condition. She is on so many other medications for other ailments that I was very relieved to find this product on your website for half the price of what my vet charges.

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