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Reviews for Synacore Digestive Support for Dogs, 30 Packets (1018034)

Synacore Digestive Support
Author: Greyparent
Location: Virginia
This supplement is miraculous! Our Greyhound has had problems with gas and diarrhea for years. The veterinarian suggested Synacore and it has worked wonderfully.

Synacore Digestive Support - Packets
Author: Sharon
Location: Los Angeles, CA
I use this product for my Doberman, who rarely had firm stools and was gassy. The better quality of food I fed her the worse she was. Every other pro/prebiotic I'd tried made her stools looser so I gave up until my veterinarian gave me Synacore packets for one of my small dogs that had tummy upset. I tried it on my Doberman and was amazed that I could add this to her food with no ill effects! She's normal 99% of the time now and Synacore has become a staple in my house for all the dogs.

Synacore for diarrhea.
Author: Douglas
Location: Nitro WV
My dog has had diarrhea for more than six months. Not really bad, just loose stools. I tried changing his food 3 different times, my Vet gave him antibiotics and a full workup, there was no cause. I finally decided it was normal for him, even though it would smear into his hair and get everywhere sometimes. A friend recommended this product and I started using it. The difference is amazing. Not just the diarrhea but his gas is less and he seems better overall. My vet is impressed and now thinks my dog has a food intolerance or an intestinal imbalance.

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