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Reviews for Scripts Pill Pals for Larger Pills, 7.4 oz (30 Treats) (1018000)

Better than Pill Pockets!
Author: BJ
Location: TX
A great product. A little goes a long way.

Scripts Pill Pals for Larger Pills
Author: BOB
Location: AURORA, OHIO
We ordered four packages of Pill Pals because we were familiar with the product. The first pack was great, but the second was a bit dried out. Once we received the third package, they were just fine as usual.

Scripts Pill Pals for Larger Pills
Author: Sandy
Location: MN
We need to give our dog a pill daily and these work wonderfully. We have always bought them at our Vets but he quit supplying them because customers complained they were dried out. We have never had dried out ones - you need to zip the package shut when not in use :-)

These are great for giving pills!
Author: Unknown
Location: Kentucky
These are really handy for giving pills daily. The dogs love them and they all come running when I open the bag and are disappointed that only one of them will get one. they are soft and pliable so they work to squish a small pill into or you can flatten them out to roll around something larger like an antiobiotic. I know the bag says to use two of them to sandwich around larger pills, but so far I haven't encountered anything big enough to require two of them. I purchased the first pack from my vet but it was his last one, so I ordered the others here. Just be sure to zip the bag up tight when done so they don't dry out. So far I haven't had an issue with that because I always make sure to seal it.

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