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Reviews for Aventi KS Powder Kidney Support for Cats, 40 gm (1018029)

Aventi KS Kidney Support
Author: Jessica
Location: Florida
My two 17 year old cats have chronic kidney issues and have been maintained on this product for the past 2 years. It does help maintain the kidney function they do have left, and seems to help stabilize BUN and creatinine levels. In later stages of kidney disease, can be mixed with Aventi KP. That was my vet's recommendation, and I have been doing that for the 2 years I've used these products and have had good results.

Cheaper Than Azodyl
Author: Swoozie's Mommy
Location: Florida
After doing online research, I switched from Azodyl to Renal Advanced Kidney Support for Cats. It's cheaper, easier to administer since it's a powder and not a capsule, and it doesn't need refrigeration. I've been using this product for several months now and my cat is still doing great. In September it will be two years since she was diagnosed with renal failure and the vet said he's never seen a cat live for more than two years after diagnosis. Based on how my kitty is doing, I know I'll have her with me for a lot longer than that.

Also, great price and quick shipping.

First Kidney Health Product Used
Author: Karen
Location: California
This is an excellent product. It has helped increase my 19 year old cats appetite and boosted her energy and skin healing. It also helps stop the nausea. It is a very fine powder which is easily mixed with beef flavor foods. My cat is also doing well on Gerber baby food Beef which is a good source of quality protein and helps with hydration and is good to mix with Aventi KS to ensure she is getting the extra vitamin support she needs. She is gaining weight and is more alert. I am so glad that I found Aventi KS.

Great product
Author: lulu1874
Location: Canada
Have been giving my 15 year old cat this product for about a year on the vet's advice. So far he is doing very well on it and is back to his usual active self, thank goodness. Cheapest price I have found online with fast shaipping .

Improves kidney health!
Author: Dana Scott
Location: Florence, SC
My cat's chronic kidney disease has improved by about 30% since she started taking this, and my vet now gives her another year instead of the 6 months he gave her a couple of months ago. And it is looking like it will be a better quality of time too.

Renal Adv for Cats
Author: JB
This was recommended by my vet. My cat has one regular and one teeny kidney and her values were getting high. This has brought it down, not to normal range, but that could be b/c she basically only has one kidney. My cat is 14.

I sprinkle it on wet food every day and it does not interfere with the taste since she eats it just as before.

The cheapest Renal Advanced I've found
Author: Chantal
Location: Terrebonne, Quebec
Fast shipping to Plattsburgh NY 4 days

very good and fast shipping
Author: Chantal
Location: Terrebonne, Quebec
My cat has chronic kidney problems, this was recommended by my vet.

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