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Reviews for PancrePlus Powder, 8 oz (1017916)

Better than other products.
Author: Grace Davis
Location: Paterson NJ
PancrePlus seems to work better than two other products I tried and it costs about 20 dollars less from Vet Depot than from my vet.

Big savings!
Author: Brenda
Location: Idaho
I purchased PancrePlus through VetDepot for my dog who was diagnosed with pancreatic insufficiency disorder. It works great for her and it costs much less than getting it through my vet. Thanks VetDepot!

Excellent product
Author: VRussell
Very pleased with this product. My dog has had EPI for 5 years now, and this is the only product I will use.

Author: J
Location: New Hampshire
<p>We thought our eleven year old dog was going to die when she lost half of her body weight and was skin and bones. The Vet told us her pancreas wasn't working and recommended PancrePlus to see if it would help. Within a week we saw a huge improvement. That was two years ago and our now thirteen year old dog has gained all of her weight back and is happy and healthy again. We are very satisfied with this product.</p>

Author: Carol
This product is giving my cat a chance to survive! It is time consuming to have to soak the product in the food for 15min (especially with a cat demanding to be fed) but he eats it readily and seems to be gaining back some of his weight

And the price- while expensive- is much cheaper than through the vet I just wish it came in a cat size pill form

PancrePlus is the Best
Author: Chris
Location: Boynton Beach, Fl
We don't use anything but this. My Dog's health is 100% since using this product. We highly recommend it!

PancrePlus Powder
Author: Cindy D
Location: Texas
Great product and price! Works the best for my dog. Was buying from my vet and paying $30 more for a smaller bottle!

PancrePlus Powder
Author: PancrePlus Powder
Location: Hudson Fl
I just can't believe how much cheaper this medication is compared to the Vet's office. The quality is the same. Thank You VetDepot!

Really fast, easy, and affordable
Author: Katherine
Location: Athens, GA
VetDepot kept me informed the entire time of how the process was going, from the time they contacted my vet, till the time my order was delivered.

This product is amazing!
Author: Eric D.
Location: Kirkland, WA
Our dog has chronic and acute pancreatitis, so bad that she was passing blood from both ends. Our vet recommended PancrePlus powder, and it has completely changed her life and ours for the better. I cannot speak highly enough of this product!

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