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Reviews for K-CIT-V Potassium Citrate for Dogs, 100 Chewable Tablets (1017322)

Author: maryalice williams
Location: nj
<p>This product is good quality and did exactly as advertized. My dog had crystals in his urine and after using one bottle of K-CIT-V his urine is clear.</p>

K-CIT-V Potassium Citrate for Dogs
Author: c. clark
Location: massachusetts
My dog thinks she is getting a treat while controlling the ph level of her urine. So far this med appears to be doing its job at a much more reasonable price than purchasing from the vet!

A life saver––no kidding!
Author: Elaine
Location: Atlanta
This stuff works! My 13 year old Vizsla has been taking K-CIT-V tablets for three years. He loves them; he's stone free and his pH balance is good. I'm happy with VET DEPOT's fast delivery and price. Win,win win!

Does the Job
Author: MS
These are prescribed by my vet 3x per day. Along with my dog's prescribed food they have kept her PH levels where they belong. My dog likes the flavor, too.

Dog loves the taste of these
Author: Eileen White
Location: Dallas
He wants to eat them all the time. No side effects so far but cannot be sure if they are helping yet.

Author: Pat
Location: Staten Island, NY
My dog thinks he is getting a treat. So far this med. appears to be doing its job and the price is so much more reasonable than purchasing from the vet! I will be ordering from this site again.

K-CIT-V Potassium Citrate for Dogs
Author: Jerrie
Location: Buffalo NY
My Lhasa Apso had 24 bladder stones and a tough surgery...I am trying to prevent another surgery. VetDepot has excellent prices and a quick shipping process...My Vet's offices charges more than double for the exact same medication.

K-CIT-V Potassium Citrate for Dogs, 100 Chewable Tablets
Author: Donald
Location: Las Vegas, NV
We have been giving K-Cit-V to our dog for the past 6 months. He eats them with his regular kibble and enjoys them with enthusiasm. Our vet recommended this product to prevent bladder stones and so far we are noting a decrease in urine crystals.

K-CIT-V Potassium Citrate for Dogs, 100 Chewable Tablets
Author: Daisey's Mom
Bought these chewable tablets but my dog would not eat them. I put them in broth and let them dissolve and then added to her food. She would eat all her food with the dissolved tablet. She had her urine tested after a month but her PH was still 5 and was not increased. Will have to go on RX potassium citrate which is much more expensive but hopefully it will help her.

Love these!
Author: P Fazio
Location: FL
My Golden has been taking these for years! I just toss them in her food bowl and she eats them up. No complaints here.

Loved Them!!!
Author: Pamela
Location: Knoxville, TN
I was very hesitate about purchasing these since our dog is sooo picky. However, he LOVES them. As per his vet directions he gets 2 a day to try and help prevent bladder stones. He has already had 2 surgeries to remove 1 very large stone and several smaller ones. We certainly hope this will to the trick of preventing anymore. Little guy has had enough cutting on. I am very pleased with this product and this company!!!

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