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Reviews for V.E.T. Pharmaceuticals DL-Methionine 500 mg, 1000 Tablets (1017324)

Author: Debbie
Location: Los Angeles
I saved so much money buying this medication from VetDepot! This generic version available in bulk is a fraction of the price compared to what the vet charges for the name brand Methioform. This one doesn't even require a prescription!

Best Price and Happy with Product
Author: FDF
Location: United States
This is the very best price out there and the pills are easy to split in two as well as being palatable for my dog. Very happy to find this here, it's working well and makes all the difference in how I can afford to treat her bladder stones by reducing urine acidity to where they will dissolve.

Don't Buy Expensive Feline Urinary Tract Food
Author: Elaine
Location: Eugene, OR
Check the bag - this is the active ingredient in the special diet dry food for cats with urinary problems. After my cats got urinary problems and the Vet prescribed special food, I did the research and have been using this product for years with regular high quality food and they have never had another problem.

For my cat.
Author: Jesse Rivas
Location: Timberlane LA
Using this per my vet's instructions. Seems to work, vet is happy with results.

Great product
Author: BigRed
Location: United States
This is my second bottle, first bottle got rid of the stones and got a second for follow up. Schnauzers are susceptible to a type of bladder stone that can be dissolved with DL-Methionine and it worked. It did take almost a year but she no longer loses bladder control. And has became her old happy self again.

Great product
Author: Diana
Location: Washington state
This is a great value. Delivery was fast, and I like fast. I break these tablets up and put on their food. I will be getting a ph test done on our dog in a couple weeks, and hopefully its down.

Great Product Good Price
Author: Unknown
Location: Kentucky
I purchased these for our cat that has had a history of Urinary Tract Infections. I actually mash the pill into powder and mix it in with a small amount of canned food and he eats it with no problem. I am pleased that I can buy 1000 of these for about the same price that I was paying for 250 of another brand and these are the same dosage. I seem to have a happy, healthier cat and I will be buying these again from Vet Depot.

Author: Britt
Location: Kentucky
When high levels of crystals were found in my 9month old male dogs urine my vet recommended permanently switching him to a Rx food. Not an option as he has chicken and grain allergies, so I did my own research and discovered Ammonil. My dog has been on it for over a year and it was costing ~$80/ bottle. This website has the exact same product for 3/4 the price. While I'm still hopeful eventually we may be able to wean him off, it's good to know his issues can be controlled and won't break the bank. Gotta love our rescue pups!

No more brown spots in the lawn
Author: Mark H
Location: Florida
My dog's pH was so alkaline that it would kill the grass in the lawn every time he went. Bad for my grass and the neighbors'. I have used this product for over a year with great results. The Pet store had a chewable treat with the active ingredient but was much more expensive per dose. I put just the tiniest bit of peanut butter on the two pills and Boomer gobbles it down with the rest of his food. Many thanks VetDepot

V.E.T. Pharmaceuticals DL-Methionine 500 mg, 1000 Tablets
Author: zoe'
Location: st. louis
We are using a half dose of 250mg currently and urine pH is running 6 or is very pleased and so am I...easy to cut as it is scored. I throw it

on the food...price is very reasonable and service was extraordinary.

V.E.T. Pharmaceuticals DL-Methionine from VetDepot
Author: Cliff
Location: Chicago
My 7 year old lab has been on this supplement for over 4 years. Until now I have purchased a 3 month supply from our veterinary clinic, but have found this product available from VetDepot to be identical, and half the expense. The shipping was prompt, reasonable and safe. I will continue to use this web site.

Works great!
Author: Emily
Our pug was prescribed this after getting recurring bladder infections caused by crystals, and it is working great! Her urine ph went from 8.5 down to 6.5 in about three months, the crystals are nearly gone, and the infections stopped. This is a way better solution than the prescription food we almost tried, both cost-wise and health-wise (poor doggie is allergic to chicken, which is the main protein in every brand of the prescription food). It's also way cheaper than the chewable form of the same stuff (methioform), but my dog will eat anything, so taking pills is not a problem for her as I know it is for some dogs.

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