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Reviews for Omega FF Twist-Tip Caps for Medium and Large Dogs, 250 Capsules (1017906)

Fish Oil
Author: Stuart
Location: Savannah, GA
We had used fish oil from Sam’s Club but after consulting with out Vet we checked the label and did comparisons. The Omega FF Fish Oil had so much more of what we are giving our Golden Retriever fish oil for, it was cost saving in the long run. I think we had to give her 8 or 9 of the Sam’s Club fish oils to equal 1 of these, so even though they cost more per capsule, they are cost effective. We don’t open them. We just put them in her food and she eats them.

Good for skin health
Author: Stephanie B.
Location: Atlanta
Omega FF makes it easy to give all my pets omega-3 supplements.

Great for coats and joints
Author: Cree's Dad
Location: Savannah, GA
I throw one gel tab into my 9 year old Golden Retriever’s dinner and she gobbles it up every time. I also get it for my sister's 8ish year old Black Lab, and she twists it to open and pours it over her food – and she says the fishy smell makes her eat her food (she used to be a fussy eater). It is great for their coats and for their joints. They are a wonderful, healthy food additive that my Vet highly recommended. Also, my Vet warned me that the bulk Omega tabs at Sam’s are not as concentrated and don’t have as much of the good stuff in it. I compared the labels and there was NO comparison. Omega beat it hands down, and since they are regulated they can be trusted to be consistent and concentrated every bottle, every tablet. I’m going to keep getting it for both dogs.

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