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Reviews for Dasuquin Large Dog, 84 Soft Chews (1030009)

Author: Denise
Location: Charlotte, NC
My dog has been having problems walking and when I started giving him the Dasuquin chews he was able to get himself up and walk outside to use the bathroom. He is 13 but these chews have given him the ability to be active like he used to be.

Better movement, Great Treat
Author: Dennis
Location: Long Island, New York
My vet recommended that I give them to my 10 year old golden, never had any problems, but I saw a change in movement in about a month, runs & jumps like a pup. Looks for this treat every day, never turns it down. Hope to be giving it to him for many years to come.Vet Depot got it at a great price

Author: Dakota
Location: New Jersey
I own a 125 pound German Shepherd was approaching 13 years of age. watching her trying to walk up the steps to eat her dinner at night was heartbreaking. Our vet recommended Dasuquin. after taking this product for a few short weeks we have a reborn puppy again. She's running outside , up and down the stairs and chasing squirrels and having the best time of her life in her senior years. Thank you for this second chance. Miracles do happen.

Dasuquin Large Dog Soft Chews
Author: Judy
Location: United States
My 85 lb. lab/shepherd puppy has made incredible progress in his joint health under our Vet's care and taking Dasuquin chews. The combination of medical treatment and the chews has improved his joints to such an extent that he no longer limps after long walks and can jump into our car with out a boost up. He gets one chew every morning and seems to like the taste just fine. Our Vet said they are by far the best thing for joint health. I save quite a bit of money buying them through Vet Depot which also helps.

Dasuquin Large Dog, 84 Soft Chews
Author: Danielle
We started our German Shepherd on this supplement when she was diagnosed with hip and elbow dysplasia at the age of 13 months. After about 3 months, she has more energy and seems much more comfortable.

Dasuquin Large Dog, 84 Soft Chews
Author: Rosie
Location: Castle Rock, CO
Wonderful product and service. My 9 year old chocolate lab LOVES her "medicine" and it truly has helped her move much better. She's like a puppy again without the potty training and chewing! YEAH!

Dasuquin Large Dog, 84 Soft Chews
Author: JessesMom
Location: CT
Excellent product! I've been giving these to my 13 year old lab mix for about a year now and I am sure I've seen a change in his leg strength and walk. He loves the taste - I only wish I had started giving them to him years ago. At the time, there was a backorder on the item almost everywhere and VetDepot not only had it in stock, and at a reasonable price, but it was also delivered quite quickly. What else can I ask for? Very happy!

Dasuquin Large Dog, 84 Soft Chews
Author: Jacobj9589
Location: Boulder CO
Dasaquin has really helped out my dog through tough times. I am really happy with this product. Thank you for carrying this product in your store...

Dasuquin Soft Chews - Recommended By My Vet
Author: Linda
Two of my older dogs were having problems getting up stairs; getting up on the bed, etc. My vet recommended this product, and I've seen great improvement.

Getting a Jump Start
Author: Laurie
We have a giant Alaskan Malamute and we have been giving her this product for about a year. We are just giving her a head start on keeping her joints as healthy as can be as she ages.

Getting an early start
Author: Unknown
Location: NY
We have a Giant Alaskan Malamute and wanted to get a head start on her joints. We love her so and want her to be as comfortable as possible as she ages. She loves the Soft Chews. After she is done with those for the first several weeks I am going to see if she likes the chewable tablets. Vet Depot has the best price around and fast shipping. When you break it down it is well worth the approx. $20.00 per month to help our beautiful baby Alue.

Glucosmine made easy
Author: Lab Lover
My dog loved the treats and never had any issues with them. A little on the pricey side but very convenient and if you substitute for a regular treat that lowers the cost.

Great Product!
Author: BrookeJSR
Location: Washington
My english lab has had 2 elbow dysplasia surgeries between 10- 16 months old and tends to be very sore in her elbows. I put her on this and she is able to run around and play like a puppy and she is 6 now! I definitely noticed the one time she ran out because she got sore, but slid right back into her routine once she started back on it. I keep her on 2 a day which has the most benefits for her, which can get more expensive, but it is worth it. Thank you for this product, I don't know what I would do if we didn't have this for her!

Happy hips!
Author: Lynn
Location: Eureka, MO
We have given this supplement to our dogs for quite some time now and can sure tell a difference in their mobility. I would highly recommend it as well as the one containing MSM as well.

IT WORKS!!!!!!
Author: LAS
Location: Swansea MA
We have a 9 year old GSD who started to slow down very slightly.

As a pup he had a torn ACL and required tender care. He healed and all has always been fine. We recently moved temporarily and the entrance and exit now requires stairs. He slowed in the morning so I decided to try. They have worked wonders and he thinks he gets and extra treat.

Keeps my Pit-Bull Running!!
Author: Scherra
Location: Spring Hill, TN
I have a very active 72lb female pit/lab mix. She is going on 9 years old but she thinks she is a puppy and doesn't have an off button! If I miss 1 day of her Dasuquin she will be limping by the evening. She eats them like her other treats and I will never ever take her off of them. My next dog will start them earlier in life as a preventative measure instead of the maintenance that we are having to do with her.

Lab puppy with hip and knee problems
Author: Lab Puppy
This product is excellent and when my dog had surgery, they advised to continue to provide her with the chews as it was definintely helping. She loves them just like a treat!!

Much cheaper ordering from this site than purchasing from the Vet.

Laddie loves this chew, but then...he is a Lab!
Author: Elaine
This product was recommended by my dogs surgeon, a specialist in bone disorders in dogs. My Lab had hock surgery on both legs and is now doing fine. I give him one Dasuguin per day, eats a special diet of Hills dog food and get an Adequan injection once per month. He is now 2-1/2 yrs. old. Since dogs can't tell you it helps, you need to do whatever it takes to make sure they get the best care.

Long term vet report: Outstanding joints!
Author: Stacey
Location: SW Florida
Before I adopted my dog, I'd been told he'd had hip dysplasia surgery as a puppy and to expect aches and pains when he got older. Now 10, my dog has been taking Dasuquin for a number of years. My vet says my boy Buddy has 'incredibly outstanding' range of motion in his legs for a dog his age with a history of hip dysplasia, and credits the continued use of Dasuquin. The chewable is easy to give as a treat or break up into food.

Much better!
Author: Sarah
Location: Ohio
My 11 year old part lab was SO sore and stiff! Still on the beginning of using these, but I won't stop them! He is walking better and doesn't seem to be so slow getting around or up on the bed to go to sleep! These are a life saver in my opinion!

I would recommend these to anyone! He loves the taste, and they seem to be making him feel less like laying around, and more like moving!

My Dog loves it
Author: Regina Gezelman
Location: Connecticut
Our Boxer, Rosco sits by the cabinet where they are stored until he gets his nightly "treat". Loves them and whines and whines until he gets it. Much cheaper to get them through this site.

So Far So Good
Author: Beau
Location: GA
I can't say exactly how these are working as far as joint health just yet because we are on the initial dosage to get the product in my dog's system. However, I can say that he doesn't mind getting his "treat" twice a day right now. Some folks reveiws said they had to mask the chew with peanut butter or something by my almost 8 year old lab gets excited when the bag comes out of the drawer. I am hoping this product will allow him many more years in the field with me to pick up ducks & geese.

Work Great - dog loves them and they work!
Author: TT
My dog loves these chews and they have really helped her get around. She was very sore and now bouncing around like a puppy again - pretty amazing stuff.

Author: bakejeeper
Location: Forestport, NY
My Vet recommended I start giving these to my 110 lb Lab after he had ACL Surgery. He said that due to his size (tall-not overweight) we should give these to him regularly. When I first attempted to give them he would just spit them out. I altered by spreading a little Peanut Butter on top and now he will eat. I have tried discontinuing the PB but he will spit them out so I am not sure they taste good - That is the only drawback. I ran out once and he didn't have for 5 days and I could almost immediately tell a difference and now I always keep and extra bag on hand because they do make a difference.

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