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Reviews for Viralys Oral Powder for Cats, 100 gm (L-Lysine) - 3 Pack (1016891)

Great Price
Author: Kenny
Location: Columbus, ohio
A traveling vet recommended this to us for our cats with problems.

It works on the young guys eye and help with the older guys sneezing.

We are happy.

Great Product; Great Deal
Author: Judith
My cat, Max, requires this powder since he's had an upper respiratory condition since he was in a pound where I adopted him 14 years ago. This helps keeps the condition at bay most of the time. Getting three jars of this was a great deal compared to what I'd pay at the vet's.

Love the great service!
Author: Christine
Location: 30
I am a long time fan of Viralys Powder and give it to my 5 cats twice a day. They rarely have a sniffle! I just ordered from VetDepot for the first time and was thrilled with their super fast shipping and the price of the 3 pack. Thank you, VetDepot!

Love Viralys
Author: Janice
Location: georgia
I usually am very skeptical about supplements but have seen plenty of real support for using L-Lysine to prevent herpes flares in cats. And as a breeder, I have found that I have had far less, and less severe respiratory illness while using this product. I have used the measured pump and like it also, but with multiple cats the powder is more cost effective and easier to use; I mix it into their we food daily. The cats seem to accept this brand with no problem; I had tried crushing up pure lysine tabs because it's cheaper, but the cats would not eat it in food. Viralys is accepted by all my cats and I won't change again, not ever going without L-Lysine again!

My FIV Kitty's Armor
Author: Nancy
Location: Winston-Salem NC
Originally prescribed by my veterinarian to help prevent incursions into my FIV kitty's immune system, this easy-to-use powder has become an essential in caring for my sweet grey boy. It seems that any time I've been out of the powder, he starts to develop the little sneezes typical of an upper respiratory infection, which can kill him. As long as I keep adding Viralys to his food, he seems to stay healthy.

Viralys needs no special storage and doesn't appear to degrade over time, so I keep it on the kitchen counter. The smell is pleasant and the powder mixes very easily with wet food.

Supplements for me...supplements for my 4-legged overlords :-)
Author: Jackie M
Location: Lynn, MA
I have a sable Burmese, and the breeder recommended that I give Nelson Viralys and a digestive enzyme product every day. What he gets I also give to his older "brother" Rocky, a shelter refugee. Seems to work as they very, VERY seldom need to be brought to the vet for other than the routine shots and teeth cleaning.

Mix into their wet food along with the digestive enzyme and a natural vitamin/mineral supplement.

viralys Oral Powder for Cats, 100 gm (L-Lysine) - 3 Pack
Author: jdlanc
Location: temple ga
I am a cat breeder and when I tried going without using L-Lysine supplements for a while there was a dramatic increase in the amount of respiratory issues with my cats , I no longer dismiss this therapy as 'snake oil"!!! Every cat here gets it every day; I prefer Viralys to other products because even my picky cats will eat the food with this one; when the unflavored human powder was used, they would not eat it. The 3 pack powder form is the most economical for me.

Viralys powder for cats
Author: Terry
Location: United States
I have ordered Viralys several times from Vet depot and have have been completely satisfied. The product is great and by ordering several at a time, has saved some money. Thanks.

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