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Reviews for Viralys Oral Gel for Cats, 5 oz (L-Lysine) - 6 Pack (1016890)

I just started using this...
Author: CaliGirl
Location: Fairfax California
so far so good, and no side effects. I will update if anything changes.

L- Lysine for Cats
Author: Carolyn
Great product! My cat has severe allergies, and as long as I give this gel to him twice daily, he is fine. If I forget to give him his lysine for just one day he sneezes and gets a runny nose and watery eyes. He likes the taste, and it is very easy to administer. I just put a dab on my fingertip and he licks it off.

Viralys Oral Gel for Cats
Author: Amy
The price on the 6-pack (including shipping) saved me about $2.00 per tube compared to what my vet charges.

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