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Reviews for Viralys Oral Gel for Cats, 5 oz (L-Lysine) - 6 Pack (1016890)

I just started using this...
Author: CaliGirl
Location: Fairfax California
so far so good, and no side effects. I will update if anything changes.

L- Lysine for Cats
Author: Carolyn
Great product! My cat has severe allergies, and as long as I give this gel to him twice daily, he is fine. If I forget to give him his lysine for just one day he sneezes and gets a runny nose and watery eyes. He likes the taste, and it is very easy to administer. I just put a dab on my fingertip and he licks it off.

Viralys gel for better cat health
Author: lindsey garwood
Location: Tennessee
I have 2 cats that need this medicine twice daily and I can say that they actually look forward to it. When they hear me pop the cap to open the tube they come running and literally eat it right off the medicine spoon. I wish it was less expensive. I was told to give each cat 1/2 tsp twice per day. So I go thru a tube of this about every 9 days and the last 2 days has me literally squeezing the tube dry. My cats have FHV and this is necessary to bolster their immune system. I tried the treats and they did not care for them. Essentially if you have a cat and you find something that works go with it. This worked for my boys.

Viralys Oral Gel for Cats
Author: Amy
The price on the 6-pack (including shipping) saved me about $2.00 per tube compared to what my vet charges.

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