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Renal K+ (Potassium Gluconate) Gel, 5 oz (6 Pack)

Renal K+ (Potassium Gluconate) Gel, 5 oz (6 Pack) (1016888)

5.00 stars, based on 2 reviews
Treat potassium deficiencies with Renal K+ Renal K+ (Potassium Gluconate) Gel, 5 oz (6 Pack) is a nutritional supplement for dogs adn cats with potassium and B-complex vitamins. Made with a taste cats and dogs love, Renal K+ pet meds are used to...
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Potassium supplement

  • Good for potassium deficiency associated with kidney disease.
  • Expensive.
In 2010, my cat was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. Her vet did not think she'd make it six more months based on her blood work and other tests. It will be two years in December and she is healthier now than she was then, partly thanks to Renal K+.


Renal K+ (Potassium Gluconate) Gel

  • Price
The gel seems to be doing what is supposed to. Purchasing from vetdepot.com is much cheaper than from the vet directly. My cat seems to go through it so quick that buying in bulk is my best option. I'm happy with the product.

Reviews 1-2 of 2

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