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Reviews for HomeoPet Wrm (Worm) Clear, 15 mL (1016921)

100% natural ingredients
Author: Melissa Kloss
Location: Durham, NC
I've been using this to prevent worms because it is completely naturally and I don't believe in giving my pets toxic chemicals. It has worked so far and they are all worm free!

HomeoPet Wrm (Worm) Clear, 15 mL
Author: Monty
Location: West Hollywood, ca
Decided to try this medication to see if it worked. It seems to cut down on the butt scoots; not happening every day and not the the duration as before.

She seems more perky and happy; liquid is easily given so I will continue.

HomeoPet, 15 ml
Author: Lynn Butler
Location: round Rock, TX
Easy to use , non intrusive, does the job.

No sign of worms now
Author: Carroll
Location: United States
I've been treating our 4 cats with this product via community watering source. One was a stray we took in with confirmed worms. She has a separate water bowl as well as additional food bowl because she is nursing a new litter of kittens. After having applied a prescription from the vet, and it doing no good after 4 1/2 weeks, I opted to try this since it was all natural and I didn't want to give anything that could hurt the nursing kittens. It's been about 3 weeks now and I have seen no more signs of worms. I would recommend this product to anyone wanting to treat multiple cats but also to those opposed to chemical treatments.

Seems to have done the job Once again
Author: Sue
Location: Florida
i have used this product before and had great results. I liked that it's a more natural treatments.

Very easy to use just a few drops in the water. I have 4 cats so it's easier than trying to get them

All at once. This way you know they are all getting treated. Great product!! I like that you can use it as a premed. To keep them from returning.

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