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Reviews for Cosequin Bonelets Plus for Dogs, 100 Chewable Tablets (1016782)

Cosequin Bonelets
Author: Stuart PA
Location: Erie, PA
Protects joints from breaking down over time. Also helps to keep your pet active during old age so that he remains healthy and of good weight.

Cosequin Bonelets Plus for Dogs, 100 Chewable Tablets
Author: Madeline M
I am very satisfied with my resent purchase for my dog. Currently,

he is 14 years old and is doing well thanks to this product.

Cosequin Bonlets Plus for Dogs
Author: Bettie
Location: California
My vet recommended using a joint supplement with perna canaliculus (Green Lipped) mussel for my 12 year old, arthritic greyhound cross dog. After a few weeks on this product, I could see an improvement in his movement. I ran out, and he was without it for a week, and I could see the difference again. I will NEVER run out of this terrific supplement again. The price on Vetdepot is the best! And this is the least expensive joint supplement I've found.

Excellent Product for Aging Pets
Author: L. Damon
Location: St. Anthony, Idaho
We had begun to give Cosequin Bonelets to our aging Pit/Boxer mix and she has improved tremendously in her ability to move around again. She use to lay and moan and we would give her pain medicine for her arthritis. We were concerned about keeping her on pain medicine long term, so we decided to give this product a try. It works wonderfully! Our daughter has 2 aging pugs. One of her pugs was recently diagnosed with a ruptured disk. It could be a disease or from getting injured. We gave her a weeks supply to try. In just one week, Moosie, was playing with our daughter . Moosie cannot squat to potty anymore, but walks when she relieves herself. However, since taking this pill, she doesn't appear to be in pain anymore. I do recommend this product. We will use it until the end of our pet's lives. They deserve the very best!

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