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PrednisTab [Prednisolone] 5 mg, 1000 Tablets

PrednisTab [Prednisolone] 5 mg, 1000 Tablets (1010529)

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Seven Corners, VA

Allergy help

  • Works really fast to help symptoms and prevent scratching.
  • Can't take them long-term because of health concerns and they cause appetite changes and trouble sleeping.
My dog is allergic to everything, I swear. Shampoos, perfumes, pollen, dust, fleas, flies, etc. Sometimes, the reaction is just some itching or whatever. Other times, like from fleas and some shampoos, he gets sores and swells up and it is horrible. Prednisolone makes a big difference right away, especially with swelling and itching.

Redwood City, California

What a great price!

  • price
  • speed
  • not%20that%20I%20have%20experienced
We needed to go to our local people pharmacy to fill a prescription for our Sweet Pea. We were shocked to learn that a 20 day supply of her MilliPred qty40 (prednisolone) was $38. Our vet, Dr. Echerd, couldn't supply the prednisolone, he only carries prednisone.

He gave us a 1 year prescription for our cat's chronic illness.

VetDepot was very responsive. I took a pic of the prescription and emailed it to them. They responded quickly that they had received the prescription and would send it to processing right away. The medication came in a week.

We're very happy with the service we received from VetDepot.

Reviews 1-2 of 2

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