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Reviews for Zymox Otic With Hydrocortisone 1%, 4 oz (1016529)

Effective and inexpensive ear treatment
Author: Laurie
A friend who is a vet recommended this for our Bassett Hound with recurring ear issues. She told us to use it in both ears for 10 days to treat a problem and then once every 2 weeks when the ears are clean to prevent new issues. It' works really well, saves a trip to the vet and is very cost effective.

Great product
Author: cavimom
Location: Florida
This product was recommened by my vet for my spaniels. We use it just once a week, and have no more problems with red itchy ears. Great stuff!

Great product!!
Author: Diana
Location: United States
I have a pitbull mix who has suffered from ear irritations for years. Tried prescription meds from vet and OTC meds without long term success. Saw this product mentioned on facebook and after reading the reviews I bought a bottle. Used it daily for 2 weeks and my dogs ears have never looked this normal. No redness or swelling and no more head shaking! Now use it once a week and ears still lok great. Also used it on my cavalier spaniel and her ears are staying much cleaner. can't recommend highly enough!!

Great Treatment Option
Author: Lab Owner
For my dogs, Zymox is as effective as the prescription products I've used, but is much less expensive. I've treated three dogs with it very successfully.

Author: vin
Location: NEW JERSEY
I have two dogs and both had ear problems and it went away after applying Zymox a few times. The itching and redness left.

Author: Rita
Location: Austin, Texas
I have a long coat German shepherd and she has allergies and periodic skin problems along with the allergies. I would give her allergy meds during allergy season along with a special diet. She also gets ear infections, but I never connected the ear infections with her hair loss and skin, until I took her in to the vet with a bad ear infection and he said it was yeast related and causing her hair loss as well. He gave me something for her ears that also was for yeast. It did work in clearing her ears and skin - the skin took a little time, but it was still very helpful. But I had read about Zymox and wanted to try it, so I got some. I used it on her and could tell a difference within 3 days - she just looked healthier and stronger - I knew it was helping her skin. She now has her beautiful thick coat she was meant to have and doesn't look like a sickly thin haired pathetic thing. So I will always keep Zymox on hand for all my doggies.

Recommended to Me by Groomer
Author: debben78
I couldn't be happier. I have a Cocker Spaniel.....enough said. Having spent hundreds of dollars at the veterinarian's office treating recurring ear problems, I was glad to try this as an alternative. It worked very well to clear up 2 infections. Since I started using it weekly, there hasn't been any infections. It's a little pricey, but still saves me money not having vet bills.

Works Beautifully
Author: Mars
the vet recommanded this product for my yellow lab who loves the water...and always gets an ear infection after she goes swimming. I apply this after swimming and my dog never gets an ear infection anymore. Love it!!!

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