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Reviews for Tri-Heart Plus for Dogs up to 25 lbs, 12 Pack (Blue) (1016075)

Thank you Tri-Heart Plus!
Author: Barbara Lopke
Location: Jacksonville, Fl
<p>My two dogs have been on Tri-Heart Plus for about 8 years and are very healthy. Since they don't like taking pills, I put a little peanut butter on the pill and they take it. Tri-Heart Plus is doing a great job of preventing heartworm and other parasitic infestations. Thank you Tri-Heart Plus!</p>

Treatment once per month
Author: Kevin Berry
Location: Rapid City, SD
One I got the script from my vet I ordered Tri-Heart Plus and had it in a few days. So far I have used it for one month and my dog seems to have responded well. No side effects or anything. Thanks!

Tri-Heart Plus
Author: Barbara
Location: Jacksonville, Fl
Used this product for years on my two dogs. Very effective against heart worm and is reasonably priced.

Tri-Heart Plus for Dogs up to 25 lbs, 12 Pack (Blue)
Author: Andrea
Location: Woodstock, GA
The quality of tri-heart plus is fact; my dog has 2 years old and never had any those worms this medicine prevents. So, I didn't think twice when I saw the great price of Vetdepot and also I receive the medicine very fast. I really appreciated.

Tri-Heart Plus for Dogs up to 25 lbs, 12 Pack (Blue)
Author: Tom Sellers
Location: Charleston, SC
Tri-Heart is what our Vet recommended when I got Jojo and it has kept him healthy and happy. He takes it like a treat. It's economical and always available from Vetdepot.

Tri-Heart Plus for Dogs up to 25 lbs, Blue, 12 Pack
Author: L.I. Runaway
Location: Mooresville, NC
Tired of playing prescription games with my old vet. Our new vet gave us a prescription with a refill and recommended this product as the cheapest. I jumped on the opportunity to order 2 years worth at this price and avoid future frustrations. The dog took the pill like a treat and loved it.

Various Medications from Vet Depot
Author: Pat
Location: tucson, az
I recently ordered Tri-Heart Plus for Dogs from VetDepot for a years worth. I found the price to be very reasonable and I do research online to find the best price and it clearly was w/ VetDepot. The product was promptly shipped as well. I have used VetDepot for several years and have never had any issues. I had to buy a very expensive medication for my dog w/severe allergies and after much research I found that VetDepot was the cheapest. They always shipped it to me in a very timely manner. I have bought several medications from VetDepot such as Tramadol. After my research I found that I could get a 10 day supply from my local vet for about $30.00; then I found VetDepot and could get a 90 day supply for about $36.00. As you can see there was a significant savings. Every time that I call VetDepot the folks are always very helpful and courteous. I would recommend VetDepot to anyone who especially has a need for recurring medications for their animals. VetDepot is a licensed pharmacy in the United States so you know you are getting the proper medications as well. Thanks VetDepot for all your help.

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