Solu-Delta Cortef 500mg, 10 mL

Solu-Delta Cortef 500mg, 10 mL (1016459)

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Giving my old dog some quality of life

I give my 11 year old German Shepherd/Malamute mix an injection every day. I thought we were ready to have him put down as he was having such a hard time getting up, walking, etc. We thought it was a hip problem but learned it was really more of a spine/neurological issue. Since giving him the injections, he is able to get up move about and maintain his quality of life. I'm not sure how long he can stay on the steroid but I wouldn't put him through a risky surgery or other alternative procedures at this point. I know that when this medicine no longer works, it will "be time". For now, I'm thankful that we can get this (and at half the price of our vet!)

Reviews 1-1 of 1

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