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Reviews for Siphotrol Yard Spray, 32 oz (1015080)

Siphon Yard Spray
Author: Punkin
This works. My husband tried product from lowe's and even tried BLEACH. I was desperate expecting a large amount of company for the weekend. I ordered this product and only had to spray the yard twice. No more fleas. And when I say we were infested I mean knocking them off your feet before you get in your car or go into the house. If you have fleas, get this product. Take it from someone who is very afraid of bugs but they seem to love me and my dogs! V

This stuff is great!
Author: Rusty Woods
Location: Albion, NY
My yard is very large and I was forever finding ticks on my dogs. Plus, the mosquitoes were out of control. I was scared to let my 7 year old son play outside. Siphotrol really works. No more ticks at all and less mosquitoes.

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