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Reviews for Sentinel for Dogs and Puppies 11-25 lbs, Flavor Tabs, Green, 12 Pack (1010745)

Exactly What I Needed for my Dogs
Author: Mark
Sentinel is the best heartworm and flea preventative on the market. My vet says everyone else tries to copy Sentinel, but when you can get it at VetDepot for a such a good price, why would anyone want to get an off brand!

Author: Janine
I had quick delivery, my dog hardly gets fleas and when he does it's only one or two and they don't reproduce and cause the house to be full of them. It works great for my dog and I don't need to purchase any advantage or any flea medication. I will purchase again when I run out. The price was wonderful, more than half what my vet was charging.

Excellent Service
Author: Janice
Location: San Diego, CA
I've bought from Vet Depot many times and am always given fast and helpful service. Will continue to shop here for great service and good value.

Exceptional Service
Author: J-Nice
Location: San Diego
We didn't realize that our pup's prescription to this had run out. The folks at Vet Depot let us know and patiently held our order until we could get her in and cleared up. Very helpful, efficient, and prompt - customer service that you don't find everywhere these days. But I'm happy to know where I can get it!

Great buy
Author: Baxter
Best deal on a great product.

Great deal
Location: Arlington, TX
Great communication to let me know when they were shipping the Sentinel and fast shipping. Also the best price I found on the Internet, and about $40 less than my vet's price.

Great price & usual great VetDepot service
Author: Kalea's mom
Location: United States
We've been loyal customers for many years. VetDepot's customer service is always great. Happy that Sentinel flavor tabs are back in stock.

Last year, VetDepot had problems getting the product. I think that the product is less expensive than it was in 2011 & Sentinel is offering some kind of rebate.

Great price, great service!
Author: Jon
Location: Houston
This was my first purchase, the price was the best I found, the ordering process was easy, the follow-up was great! Thanks!

Great Product
Author: TPatten
Even the vet agrees this is a great alternative to Trifexis - same effects, much less money and frankly, less chance of stomach upset. Good choice - great product great price

Great Product - Great Service
Author: Gregory
Location: Florida
I have used Sentinel for years with great results. It comes in a form that is easily given to your dogs. Great price for combination product.

Great Product at Awesome Price
Author: JCrew
Location: Southern Maryland
My groomer and veterinarian recommend using Sentinel together with Frontline Plus as a foolproof combo for keeping heartworms, fleas and ticks at bay!! :) VetDepot is the cheapest place to buy both! Dont forget to search online for coupon codes!

Great Product, Price and Communication
Author: Kramer's Parent
Location: Seneca Falls, NY
Fast shipping and kept me informed via email on status. Best price around.

Great product, safe for puppies, kittens, dogs and cats
Author: Leann
Location: Ann Arbor MI
I have used Sentinel for dogs for the last 5 years on my two older dogs. We recently added two more puppies to our family and they too are on Sentinel. Sentinel has prevented heartworm disease and controls fleas, roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms in our dogs and puppies. I would highly recommend Sentinel and buying it from VetDepot (GREAT PRICE).

Like Product, Love Price
Author: LSP
Location: Charlotte, NC
The product seems to work pretty well. I've used it for over a year and had ran out. I bought from Vet Depot because they had the best/lowest price. I got a new buyer discount and free shipping. They took care of contacting my vet and the product arrived asap. I will order from them again.

One product takes the place of two
Author: PFran
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
We switched our dogs to this product after discovering one of our foster dogs had whipworms. I like that Sentinel protects against heartworms, fleas, and other intestinal parasites and it only requires one dose per month.

I like using this better than topical flea control products because when the topicals rubbed off the dogs onto our couch, it took the color out of the upholstery. Some topical products can also be toxic to cats.

My dogs have no problem taking Sentinel. We just give it to them after feeding him their morning meal and they think they're getting a treat.

Seamless Process...
Author: Dennis D.
Purchasing Sentinel through VetDepot was a quick and easy process. Having used them in the past, I was aware how fast the process is overall. Within a week, I had my refills in hand. Excellent customer service indeed.

Author: kathleen
Location: alabama
Great heartworm preventive & great help against worms & fleas. Since I live n sandy beach area, this is good!! Price savings on quantity is wonderful.

Author: Allison K.
Great product. Better than the liquid goo I used to use for flea protection for my dogs.

Best price available. Fast shipping. Would recommend this company.

Sentinel - expensive, but worth it
Location: Port Ludlow, Washington, USA
I have used this product for Havanese and Golden Retrievers for a number of years. It is convenient and effective. It stops the flea life cycle, prevents heartworm and prevents several kinds of other worms. It is the perfect compliment to Safeguard to keep your dogs parasite free.

Sentinel For Dogs 11-25 lbs
Location: Savannah
This product combines heartworm preventive with flea protection. It is a better buy than the two products purchased separately, and the ingested flea protection works better than the liquid applied on the back.

Sentinel for Dogs and Puppies 11-25 lbs, Flavor Tabs, Green, 12 Pack
Author: Betty
We are delighted with Sentinel! We have used it for our 3 past doggies and been very satisfied. Our new 10mo. Tibetan Terrier has a sensitive stomach and we were worried how it would react with Sophie.....BUT we should not have worried because she tolerates very well and now we have another doggy that uses Sentinel!

Sentinel for Dogs and Puppies 11-25 lbs, Flavor Tabs, Green, 12 Pack
Author: Dog Lover
Location: San Francisco
The product was off the shelf for a few months. I'm glad it's back! I like the multi-prevention that one dosage has to offer. I think I get a better bang for my buck by purchasing the one product versus having to get a product to prevent fleas and yet another separate one for the heartworm.

Sentinel for Dogs and Puppies 11-25 lbs, Flavor Tabs, Green, 12 Pack
Location: Dallas, TX
Our vet has recommended this product for our two dachshunds for several years. No side effects ever detected. We usually give our dogs a small dab of peanut butter and it goes down without ever a problem. Because we use two tablets a month - one for each dog - the 12-pack only lasts for six months.

Sentinel purchase
Great service and prices! I will be ordering from Vet Depot from now on!!!

Vet Depot Triple Threat: Great Product; Good Price; Fabulous Service!
Author: Bart B
I love the fact that this once-a-month pill covers several types of worms in addition to fleas! All I have to remember is the 1st of the month! That's it! The value of this product at this price is awesome; will be coming back to Vet Depot!

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