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Reviews for Revolution for Dogs 5-10 lbs, Purple, 6 Pack (1010439)

Best Bang for your Buck
Author: KSnitz
Revolution is a revolutionary product on your wallet. What it does is take care of your flea issues: eggs and fleas as well as ticks, heartworm and earmites all in one product. Most other similar products do maybe fleas and heartworm but not ticks and mites.

Easy product to use and all your nuisance pests are gone when you use this product once a month. I love this product because it makes life simpler and for its cost saving value as well.

Excellent product/Excellent company
Author: flea free in FL
Location: Ocala, FL
I have been using this product for over 4 years and have had excellent results with it. We live in Florida and needless to say fleas are everywhere but on our dog. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a problem free product.

I searched many web sites and found that this company offers the best price and fast delivery. I paid much more purchasing through a vet. Thank you VetDepot!

Great price, fast delivery
Author: Christine
The subject says it all!

Healthy Dogs
Author: pfatz
Location: Arkansas
We have used Revolution monthly for our Yorkies, 11 years old and 2 years old. Revolution has performed as advertised with no illnesses, few (dead) Ticks and no Fleas. Thanks Revolution See also or other dogs.

Outperforms Frontline in Florida
Author: Diane
Location: St Pete, FL
After using Frontline for many years on out 6# poodle, he started getting fleas. The vet said our area's fleas had become resistant to the ingredients in Frontline, the way people can become resistant to the antibiotics used to treat certain bacterial infections, for example. Our vet recommended Revolution, and it has been extremely successful at keeping our dog flea-free. I rarely see one, and if I do not get it, the Revolution DOES!

Author: stan
Location: Tampa Florida
Fast service------Great prices !

Author: blueyez05
Location: texas
Revolution doesn't work for my yorkie. I have been using it for over 6 months. I use it on time & I even trim her hair off in the spot that I apply it so that it will soak into her skin. It doesn't control the fleas though. It works for heartworm protection as far as I know.

Author: steews4
Location: Georgia
Revolution works great for my dog. I've used it for 4 years now with great results. Vetdepot had good prices and excellent customer service. Very quick shipping, too.

Author: Jeff
Location: Tennessee
Our Yorkie, Harley is 1 year old and we used this product on our previous dog a Pomeranian. It worked well for the pom so of course we are going to use it on our yorkie. He is a great dog and he is also doing well with with this product, which is also recommended by our vet. However, it is much cheaper here at vetDepot. Thanks vetdepot for a great product at a great price.

Revolution for Small Dogs @ Vet Depot
Author: Andrew D.
Location: Lake Worth, FL
This product works great... it is effective and it is nice that it is only once a month and a topical solution that you place on the back of the dogs neck. Also, it is nice that it is not just for fleas and ticks it also protects against heartworms and mites. I would definitely buy from Vet Depot again... they are the most affordable online store and significantly cheaper than my own veterinarian. Customer Service and shipping were on point. Thank you Vet Depot!

Works great!
Author: Stacee
Location: CA
Before Revolution, my pets had been using Advantage, but after several years my pets became immune to it. It also caused a permanent bleached color stain on the area applied on one of my dogs.

They all use revolution now for past three years, no discoloration on their fur, no fleas or eggs.

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