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Reviews for Revolution for Dogs 10-20 lbs, Brown, 6 Pack (1010440)

Best price here. Works well.
Author: David
Location: Orange, CA
I've been using Revolution since my Ilse was a puppy, and I've never seen her have any fleas or ticks, nor has she had heartworm. So as far as I know, it works perfectly. VetDepot definitely has the best price, and they even called my vet, found out I needed a different "size" because Ilse had gotten a little heavier, and processed the upgrade for me before shipping the product. Well done!

Best Product out there
Author: Will Darden
Location: Virginia
Revolution is the best product we've found to work on our two little

Chihuahuas....great product at a great price. Finding Vet Depot was

a blessing. These are great people to work with and give you great customer service.

excellent product
Author: hm8
I've been using this on all of my dogs (2 great danes and 1 french bulldog) for ~ 5 years. Works very well.

excellent product
Author: mh8
Location: NC
I've been using this on all of my dogs (2 great danes and 1 french bulldog) for ~ 6 years. Works very well.

Good Price
Author: Kathy
Location: Fairfield, OH
I am very pleased with this product. I've been using Revolution for my shih tzu and yorkiepoo for 5+ years. Revolution prevents heartworm and fleas and is easy to apply.

After getting the product from my vet for several years, I switched to vet depot due to the much lower cost. It was relatively easy to get the prescription to VetDepot and the product arrived to my home in no time. The quality of the product is great.

Good Product, Good price!
Author: Chris
We have been using Revolution since our Havanese was 6 months old.....She has never had any fleas or ticks. Heartworm tests negative! Our vet recommends because we have a small child, and the medication is absorbed directly into the dog's skin. There are no messy collars with chemicals for our daughter to touch when she hugs the dog! Also, it's a one step process. There are no pills or extras to remember. The VetDepot price beat my vet price by $28.00 for the same 6 month supply pack! The delivery and ordering process was quick and easy!!

Great Price!
Author: Aud
I researched the internet and this is the cheapest I found it. The only reason I didnt give it a 5 star rating is that it took 7 days to get. I guess Im use to the 2-3 day delivery times of most internet based companies. But overall would definitely recommend.

Great Price, Great Product So Far
Author: Steve Wolf
Location: MA
Our 15lb. Lhasa Apso doesn't get out all that much, she was a rescue dog with serious allergies and knee problems. However, when she does get out, we worried about all that long hair attracting fleas and ticks; and her bald spots where her allergies are active attracting mosquitos, etc. She also has taken to walking to a patch of forest to go #2 about couple blocks away that is rife with all kinds of nasty little nippers. We haven't found anything yet. Best of all, we're saving tons not having to buy hartguard for vector-borne heart worms. Overall, this is a very cool one-stop (one-spot) treatment. It saves the time and energy of remembering multiple days of different doses of medications. We no longer give her regular tick/flea baths, give her Hartguard, apply a topical to her neck, and treat orally for ear mites. It is one squirt at the neck and DONE!! Her ears smell great, no fleas, ticks, or mosquitos! Finally, a product that does it all!

Great product!
Author: joyce perry
Location: lufkin, tx
Revolution is great! Easy to administer and works well.

Product can't be beat!!
Author: Will
Location: Virginia
Revolution is the best product we've found to work on our two little Chihuahuas and finding Vet Depot was a blessing. These are great people to work with and have a great customer service staff to deal with all issues you may have.

Revolution for Dogs 10-20 lbs, Brown from VETDEPOT
Author: Cindi O'Neill
Location: Virginia
I have been using VetDepot for a few years now and no other online company can beat them. My vet charges almost twice as much as VetDepot! Their pricing is by far less than the others and the customer service is on the ball! They are quick to deliver, to get new perscriptions from my Vet and have hassle free easy returns.

I don't even look at other websites for my dogs supplies because it would be a waste of time. Love VetDepot!

Revolution for Dogs 10-20 lbs, Brown, 6 Pack
Author: Joy
Location: Tulsa, OK
This seems to be doing a better job than my dog's other flea control product. It's also handy to have the heartworm protection all in one. My only real complaint is that sometimes the tubes are hard to puncture to get the product out.

Revolution for Dogs 10-20 lbs, Brown, 6 Pack
Author: Patti
Location: Arlington Hts, IL
VetDepot has the best prices I've found - and great service with fast shipping !

Revolution really works
Author: Cynthia
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
I use Revolution on both of my dogs and I have never seen a flea or any ticks on them. This product really works. I put it on my dogs year round

This product is fantastic!
Author: Dorothy
Location: Miami
Our Vet started our Havanese as a puppy almost 4 years ago and she has been flea and tick free. This product also guards against heartworms. She just had her annual shots and the heartworm test was negative, again, as usual. I have neighbors that complain about fleas and ticks, they use Frontline, which apparently doesn't work. I walk my dog in the same neighborhood and we never have flea or tick issues. VetDepot website is simple to use, products are always reasonably priced. They are very efficient in contacting the Vet or the Owner to process the order if need be. No hassle with prompt delivery.

Vet Depot Purchase of Revolution
Author: Cindi
Location: VA
Vet Depot is has THE BEST customer service of any online petcare company out there.. They are organized follow up for my Vets perscriptions and are friendly and responsive to all my needs.

Wouldn't shop anywhere else.

And the Revolution product works great!

Thanks Vet Depot!!

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