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Reviews for RenaKare Gel, 5 oz (1010575)

RenaKare Gel, 5 oz
Author: Nancy D.
Location: Plano, TX
I have two 21 1/2 year-old cats in chronic renal failure. My male has had CRF for 6 years and my female for 3 years. Both must replace potassium depleted by frequent urination. I have used several products from the veterinarian's office and a compounded product which they disliked greatly. This is the only product which doesn't elicit a struggle.

What I needed, great price!
Author: mlee
Location: Columbus, Ohio
This is the medication that my vet prescribed for my cat's low potassium levels. She takes it twice a day in wet food, and it seems to be raising her potassium level enough. I appreciate that I can get it for much less at VetDepot than at my vet's office, even with shipping costs. Thanks for making this available.

What my cat needed, great price.
Author: Merilyn
Location: United States
My vet prescribed RenaKare Gel for my aging cat. One tube of it cost about $26 at the vet's office, and I can get it for about half of that here. I appreciate the savings, since my cat will need this for the rest of her life.

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