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Reviews for Reconcile (Fluoxetine) 32 mg, 30 Tablets (1016345)

An Old Dog With New Tricks
Author: hdsag29
Our Rottweiler/English Springer Spaniel Mix was always afraid when is came to thunder storms and fireworks, but as she aged this became much worse. She also became so stubborn she was totally refusing to listen to commands and to go outside to do the business. We were really becoming frustrated and out of ideas until our vet recommended Reconcile. After taking Reconcile it is like she has reversed in age and she is listening to all of our commands again and going outside.

Good product
Author: Brooke
Location: Washington State
When administered daily to my Border Collie with severe separation anxiety, she seems to relax a little as long as we leave the house quickly. It's pretty reliable but after a great deal of desensitization training, she still needs the medication to stay calm. This product doesn't do everything it promises but it's better than nothing. We have used this product for three months but I will probably change prescriptions at the next vet appointment.

Great Product
Author: Kim
My 60 lb mixed boxer/pit/german shepard has seen great improvement in his behavior after taking Reconcile for a few months. He used to have to be locked up in his crate or he would destroy anything he could get his mouth on when we were gone. Now, I'm able to leave him out of his crate for anywhere from 1-6 hours without him destroying the house. I would recommend anyone to try this product if your pet is experiencing separation anxiety and give it a few months to really see a significant change. An immediate change was evident, but after a few months, I don't know what I would do without this product.

Necessary For My Dog.
Author: RK
Location: Brooklyn, NY
I adopted a 65lb junk yard dog (pit bull) that has both anxiety and aggression issues. We have come a long way with training since I adopted him, but I will say this product helps him a lot in "mellowing" him out. It was recommended to me by my behavorial vet and I wasn't sure if I was seeing results or not. Then I took him off of the product for two months and that is when I could certainly see the changes in his behavior. It isn't a miracle product that will suddenly wipe away your dog's issues, but it really does help keep them calmer and relaxed in high stress situations.

Author: Bonnie
This has been a tremendous help in our household. Our dog with anxiety has been able to relax and play.

Reconcile 32mg
Author: redwing48124
Location: Dearborn, MI
This medication has helped our rottweiler/shepherd mix. It's not a "cure all". You still need to train your dog and give them corrective discipline when necessary. But overall, a good product for a dog with higher level issues.

Reconcile has helped to calm down my dog
Author: Rebecca
Location: washington DC
Our boxer lab mix had a hard time adjusting to life in an apartment when we moved to an area where we could not afford a house. We would come home to her paws bleeding from her attempting to get out of crate if she wasn't successful to her biting her tail constantly as well as constant barking. She had also started to show aggression and dominance towards our other dog and this had resulted in two instances where she had bitten our other dog. After consulting with the vet she recommended this, and after about 4 months now we are starting to notice a more relaxed dog. We have worked with her to let her have free roam of the room she stays in with our dog crated while we leave for work and she is no longer biting her tail or clawing to be free. Even with those changes, she is more laid back and seems less anxious. It really helps to have places like vetdepot make our dog's needs affordable. With our vet this drug was over eighty dollars and we don't pay near that with vetdepot. Our vet does have us monitor her kidney and liver functions to make sure the drug is not hurting them, but so far she is perfectly healthy with no problems from taking the medicine.

Reconcile has worked very well for our dog's separation anxiety
Author: Frank W
Location: Forest Hill
When either my wife or someone else was at our home and we went outside or in our garage and our dog was left alone she would start growling, spinning around and biting at her side. I’m disabled and during the day I get the mail or go out in the garage and she’s fine, but if she hears someone talking to me she goes nuts. At first it was once in a while then slowly became worse. Using my cell phone I took video of her doing this and took her to the Vet. After telling the Vet the circumstances and showing him the video he put her on Reconcile for separation anxiety. While it still happens every once in a while our Vet said this was one of the safest medicines for her to take. Overall she’s doing a lot better. Once you have tried them and you're sure they work for your dog, get your Vet to write a prescription for six months so you don't have to run to the Vet every month.

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