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Reviews for Previcox 227 mg, 60 Tablets (Firocoxib) (1013906)

Excellent Results
Author: Anna
Our 12 year old Labrador Retriever was having considerable difficulty with stiff and painful joints, particularly in the hip area. Going up and down steps was a challenge, and he was no longer able to jump up on the bed.

Our vet recommended that we start treatment with Previcox, and within one month our Labrador was jumping and running like a much younger dog.

We truly believe that Previcox has greatly enhanced the quality of life for our Labrador, and would highly recommend this treatment.

Good prices
Author: Lisa
Wish I would have ordered my Danes meds from here years ago! Much cheaper than from the vet.

Good service
Author: Nell
Location: Sacramento, CA
I'd never tried Vet Depot before and was very happy with the way the transaction was handled. Good price, prompt delivery.

Great Deal!
Author: Jim
Location: Melbourne,FL
Great price that's far cheaper than any other vet or online site. Goes right along with the quick service and delivery.

Great product and great price
Author: Ethan
Location: CA
I have one horse on this medication and my 14 year old dog is like a pup again. My equine vet suggested this when my draft horse was struggling to walk and depressed. He is a whole new horse that is when I asked my K9 vet about it; huge price savings over the K9 vet pricing.

great product as well as a great place to shop for my beloved pets
Author: teresa
Location: shirley new york
This product works wonders on my 10yr old newfoundland,he has osteoarthritus and has trouble getting around,previcox 227 helps keep him up and moving..l saved money buying it here rather than my vet.

Great product, great service
Author: Sue
Location: Pennsylvanie
My 14 year old Shepard mix has been on Previcox for over a year and it has made all the difference for her. She can move around more easily and is clearly not feeling the extreme discomfort she had been. The price at Vetdepot was so much better than at the vets! They also were so professional. It was necessary to take my dog in before my vet would renew the prescription due to the need for blood work, etc., since she's been on the medicine for over a year. Vetdepot called me and followed up with emails and as soon as they received the prescription, they sent out the Previcox and I received it within days. Extremely pleased with this product and the service!

My dog can run again!
Author: Marla
Location: United States
I have a large mix older dog who was having great difficulty getting/walking around. With this medication, she can run around and move with ease and the pain is gone from her eyes. She is able to move and enjoy life again. The company contacted my vet for the script and I received the product within a few days. I appreciate the prompt service and the quality of the product. Blitzen thanks you too!

Author: Angi
Location: TN
Fast delivery. Saved a lot versus price at vet.

Previcox 227mg
Author: Sharon
Location: California
This product has been a life saver for our Retriever "Oscar". He was on Tramadol and relaxers for his back (he is 9 yrs old) but still at times wouldn't get up and looked like he was in so much pain. We were going to have to put him down when the Vet said to try Previcox. When we found out the price we thought we wouldn't be able to afford the drug. My daughter referred me to VetDepot and the price was less than the Vet by a lot so we ordered the first 90 days. What a big turnaround. Oscar is up and about, not running, but walking and wanting to go in the car again. It has made the big difference of life being more tolerable for him and that means more time with us. I ordered the first prescription and received it quickly and have only had to order it again with a call or e-mail note and the drug comes quickly and the same box, as with the Vet, just less expensive. I would recommend VetDepot and Previcox to anyone who's dog is in pain with their back.

Previcox seems to reduce pain from arthritis
Author: Mike
Location: North Carolina
Our dog has been on Previcox now for a couple of years. Before beginning he used to yelp when trying to stand up to walk. Since he has been on Previcox that has pretty much gone away, and he runs around like a much younger dog. The med is very expensive and we may not be able to keep him on it.

Author: stephanie
Location: schenectady NY
my dog is 3 years old and has elbow dysplasia, she takes prevocox as needed when she is limping, they are chewable but she won't eat them so i turn them into powder and mix with a spoon of canned food. so far she has had no side effects, her blood work shows no signs of her becoming toxic. she is on the maximum dose of 227 mg, hence only taking it as needed, a few days a month. purchasing it here versus my vet saves me a lot of money, as you know treating dysplasia is very expensive so every savings is a big help.

Switched to Previcox, from Deramaxx.
Author: Nancy
Location: San Diego
My 13.5 year old English Springer was initially prescribed Deramaxx for his front leg arthritis. It provided him with over 5 years of mobility however I was at a loss when the company disrupted its manufacturing to upgrade their plant. I wanted to keep him on a Cox-2 inhibitor since he tolerated Deramax so well. We found Previcox the perfect replacement. The tablets are also better than Deramax which were softer and tended to crumble a bit. Vet Depot makes the purchase and vet authorization easy.

Works well; no side effects in my dog
Author: 2dogMom
Location: CT
My dog has been on this product for ~6 years. She has congenital hip dysplasia and arthritis in both hips and elbows. I make sure she drinks plenty of water and takes it with her food once daily. I use the larger dose chewable tablet and cut it for her correct dosage to make it more economical (it is scored for cutting.) Her lab tests have always been normal. She has never had any issues with her GI either. She is an 8 1/2 yr old mixed breed dog. She cannot function well without this NSAID. She is able to run and play, that she cannot do without it. However, as she ages, she does less than when she was 3 on it (as expected). It works better for her than canine aspirin (long term dosing not recommended.) I am sure other NSAID's would work as well, but never tried any due to the efficacy of this one. As she tolerates this well, I have not wanted to change her meds. I have found she does not like the taste of the chewable so I have to mix it into her food. (She is NOT a picky eater!)

Worth Every Single Penny!!!
Author: Brigit
My rottweiler just started taking this med earlier this year and it has PROVEN itself to be remarkable. He jumps and plays like he's a little puppy all over again and I am happy he can stay that way. The vet said this is also a better option since its not as damaging to the liver like some of the other brands. I do mix in Green Mush for Pets into his meals daily to help prevent any kind of stomach ulcers that can occur from long term use. Everything has been wonderful.

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