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Reviews for Perio-Support for Dogs and Cats, Powder, 4.2 oz (1016434)

Great Product
Author: hilltop mom
Location: upstate New York
My senior Scottish Terrier cannot be put under anesthesia for dental cleaning due to liver problems, and he is not very cooperative in allowing his teeth to be brushed. I sprinkle Perio-Support on his kibble. He has no problem with the taste, and it seems to prevent "doggie breath".

Perio-Support for Dogs has Yucca schidigera...
Author: T. Murphy
Location: Kennewick, WA
Using this product has definitely improved my dog's stinky breath. I don't have to turn away when he wants a kiss anymore.

Perio-Support Powder
Author: Linda T
Location: Panama City, FL
Our vet recommended Perio-Support for our Dachshunds. He was using it for his own Dachshunds. We have been using it for about 3 years. Our dogs teeth stay much cleaner and they never have bad breath. We sprinkle it on their food every morning. We have been able to skip Dental Cleaning this year for the first time since using it.

Terrific Product
Author: Caroline
Location: upstate New York
Clancy, my Scottish Terrier, is too skittish to allow me to brush his teeth, and because of his liver problems, cannot be put under anesthesia to receive professional dental care. His breath was becoming foul and I felt it would just get worse. Then my vet introduced me to Perio Support, and it seemed to work like magic. The foul breath is gone, and all accomplished by sprinkling this product on his food daily. Perio Support is a real winner.

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