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Reviews for Pancrezyme 425 mg, 500 Tablets (1011251)

Great product
We have a dog who developed pancreatic problems when she was just 2 yrs. old. She is now 4 and very healthy.

Your meds always come as promised at a great price!

Just as Effective as Powder
Author: Ellie's Owner
<p>After a year of spending $120 for two weeks' worth of Pancrezyme powder, from the vet, I discovered this. The pills are just as effective and last me up to 8 weeks! For a 42 lb. dog, I give her 5 pills with each meal. Big cost savings!</p>

Much, much, much cheaper than my local vet
Author: CottontailJ
My dog developed a digestive enzyme disorder and needs this enzyme to help him absourb his food. It works great and his weight went from 62 pounds to a steady 86 pounds. He is a lab shepherd mix so for him 62 pounds was way too small. He developed the problem after leg surgery and our local vet put him on this medicine. It works great but they charge me twice what VetDepot charges so this helps me to afford his medicine. Thank you so much for carrying this product.

Pancrezyme 425 mg, 500 Tablets
Author: Sara S.
Location: Waco, TX
This product is great! My dog has EPI and this is what the vet prescribed. However, it's so expensive at the vet's office and I can only get it in 30-day doses. I get almost a year's worth (5 times the tablets I can get at the vet's office) for half the price!

Pancrezyme 425 mg, 500 Tablets
Author: Fig
Location: Florida
My Dog developed pancreative problems about 4 years ago and would have starved to death if not for the Pancrezyme. As soon as she started the medicine and was able to digest the food, she gained the weight she had lost. She had lost about 7lbs. We now have a happy dog and hope to have her around many more years. Thanks to VetDepot making this an affordable product.

Pancrezyme 425 mg, 500 Tablets
Author: leah loves jack
Location: seattle wa
My 3 year old golden retriever was diagnosed with exocrine pancreatic insufficiency in august at a weight of 68lbs. in the week we were waiting to get the blood work back he dropped to 61.3lbs. Within 2 weeks of adding pancreazyme to his diet he regained 4lbs. Almost 2 months later hes nearly back to his average weight of 85lbs.. jack has not had any adverse reactions to the medication and I would recommend pancreazyme to anyone who's dog is suffering from the disease.

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